Taurus Sign

The power of Taurus, the sensual and firm second sign of the zodiac in the exciting discipline of astrology. With our complete information and references, you can immerse yourself in the mysteries of Taurus, the sign with a fixed and negative quality that gives you a unique perspective on the cosmos. Explore the deep connection between Taurus and its complementary opposite, Scorpio and discover how these stars influence each other in the cosmic dance of astrology! Discover the secrets of Taurus and awaken your star power.

Taurus Month Horoscopes

Tauro / Taurus

The 2023 Taurus Season which begins on April 20, is at a unique moment with the powerful Solar Eclipse of the New Moon in Aries and the Retrograde of Mercury. These combined energies will intensify the earthly and practical influence of Taurus, impelling us to transform, wake up and seek a change in a higher direction and aligned with our true essence.