Lena Stevens Monthly Forecast

Informe Febrero Lena Stevens / Astrology Report February Lena Stevens

This month offers several opportunities for transformation or new beginnings through unforeseen events and circumstances. Being alert and facing challenges head-on can reduce the risk of being caught off guard by unexpected waves.

Horoscope February 2023

Horóscopo Mensual / Monthly Horoscope

February is a transition month for astrologers. It is associated with the transition between winter and spring, as well as the transition between duality and unity. This is a time for reflection and spiritual growth.

Moon Phase Calendar February 2023

Calendario Lunar / Moon Calendar

The Moon will have the fourth cycle of significance in February 2023. Moon phases for this month: Full Moon on February 5, First Quarter Waning on February 8, New Moon on February 20, and First quarter waxing on February 22.

Zen Philosophy

Filosofía Zen / Zen Philosophy

Zen philosophy is an ancient philosophical and spiritual tradition that originated in India and developed in China and Japan. This philosophy is based on the practice of meditation and the search for a deep and transcendent understanding of reality.

Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea / Té de Burbujas

Bubble tea is a drink that originated in Taiwan and is made by heating water and boiling the tea, then mixing it with sugar and adding tapioca balls. It has become a global trend, especially among young people. However, its possible negative health effects are still being debated.

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