Lunar Calendar March 2024

Signo Lunar y Personalidad / Moon Sign and Personality

In March 2024, the night sky will present us with an astronomical spectacle through the lunar phases, starting with the new moon on March 10th and culminating in the full moon’s brilliance on March 25th. These lunar cycles, which dictate the rhythm of nature and life on Earth, provide a unique opportunity to witness the universe’s beauty and order.

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Weekly Kabbalah Astrology: Between Faith and Materialism

Golden Calf / Becerro Dorado

In the intersection of Virgo and Pisces, this week calls us to find a delicate balance between the tangible and the spiritual, challenging us to merge physical reality with divine certainty. With the Full Moon in Virgo, we embark on a journey of self-exploration and spiritual renewal, opening our hearts to intuitive guidance and celestial inspiration.

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