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Moiras from Greek Mythology


According to Homer, the moiras also called Parcas by the Latins, are the individual and inescapable destinies of every human being. Zeus known as Jupiter, had a relationship with Themis a goddess of the line of the Titans and daughter of Uranus and Gaea.

The Three Biblical Magi

Los Reyes MagosLos Reyes Magos / The Magi visit jesus

The Three Magi, or Wise Men, have been popularly depicted in art for centuries. They are an important part of Christian tradition and are frequently referenced in the Bible. Throughout the ages, artistic representations of the Three Magi have varied significantly, reflecting the cultural and social norms of each era.

Phrases to wish a Happy New Year 2023


Happy New Year’s Eve! We are in a very special moment of the year, a time to celebrate and reflect on the year we have lived. For this special moment, we want to offer you a selection of phrases for the end of the year so you can share them with your loved ones, friends and family.

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