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Unforgettable Christmas in Florida

Navidades Inolvidables en la Florida

Every vacation season, in Florida is like a postcard Christmas scene, with festive characters, events, and decorations. Here are some unforgettable experiences in familiar Florida locations.

Advent wreath meaning

Corona de Adviento / Advent Wreath

The season of Advent begins on the Sunday closest to November 30, the feast of St. Andrew the Apostle. On November 27, 2022, the first Sunday of Advent, we will light the first candle of our Advent Wreath 2022. You can check our 2022 Advent Calendar for a complete list of dates.

All Saints’ Day

Dia de Todos los Santos / All Saints Day

According to Pope Urban IV, All Saints’ Day is a Catholic tradition created in memory of all the saints, both well-known and lesser-known, to make up for the feasts of the saints that the faithful may have missed throughout the year. What led to the development of this Catholic custom?