Christianity, a path of light and redemption. Here, the soul embarks on a mystical journey, guided by the teachings of Jesus. Each prayer is a step towards a celestial union, where faith becomes the beacon shining through the world’s darkness.

Zlatko Dalic: A Journey of Soccer, Spirituality and Kinship

The path of Zlatko Dalic / El camino de Zlatko Dalic

The story of Zlatko Dalic, the training story of Zlatko Dalic, born in Livno in the former Yugoslavia, is not just one of football’s successes. It is a story of faith, family and love for their country. As a coach, he has brought Croatia to the pinnacle of world football but his faith and vision to unite his people are just as inspiring. A Croatian who balances his faith and passion for football.

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Marian Revelations: The Case of the Mystical Rose

Rosa Mística / Rosa Mystica

The apparitions of the Mystical Rose in Montichiari, with their aura of mystery and profound spiritual message, have captured the world’s attention. This particular representation of the Virgin Mary has inspired strong devotion, even though it is not officially recognized by the Catholic Church. Discover the story of these apparitions, the role of the visionary Pierina Gilli, and the messages attributed to the Mystical Rose.

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