Zlatko Dalic: A Journey of Soccer, Spirituality and Kinship

Zlatko Dalic: A Journey of Soccer, Spirituality and Kinship, InfoMistico.com

Zlatko Dalic’s journey from his humble retirement as a footballer in 2000 to leading Croatia to the 2018 World Cup is unique. Deeply rooted in his faith, Dalic demonstrates how steadfast beliefs and a resolute dedication to soccer can propel a nation towards glory.

Zlatko Dalic: Croatia’s Manager and Prayerful Pursuer of Triumph

Dalic’s coaching career was molded across diverse clubs spanning from Croatia to Albania and even further afield in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. However, his big break didn’t come until 2017 when he was appointed as the Croatian national team manager amidst the team’s turbulent times.

Following a disheartening draw with underdogs Finland, the former coach, Ante Cacic, was dismissed and Dalic was chosen to steer the ship. Faced with a seemingly insurmountable task: a mere two days of preparation and the necessity to defeat Ukraine—a team only requiring a draw to qualify for the World Cup playoff in Russia.

Against all odds, Dalic and his team clinched a decisive 2-0 victory and subsequently overpowered Greece in the playoff with a 4-1 aggregate win, thus confirming their journey to the World Cup in Russia. Throughout this chaotic period, Dalic remained resolute, drawing strength from his unwavering faith. In an interview with the Glas-koncila site, he expressed that his faith served as the bedrock that helped him maintain calm and achieve his goals amid the tumult.

Dalic voiced, “Faith fuels me, I always carry a rosary in my pocket and pray before each game. Every day, I thank God not only for the strength and faith He has granted me but also for the chance to lead a meaningful life. For my family and me, faith is paramount.”

Having served as an altar boy at a Franciscan monastery in Gorica, Dalic attributes his spiritual devotion to his mother and endeavors to instill the same principles in his children. In the same interview, he underscored the vital influence of his family and his wife’s commitment, who nurtured his children while he pursued his career in Asia.

A Tale of Faith and Soccer: Tracing Zlatko Dalic’s Road to Success

“My children blossomed into remarkable individuals in my absence. Despite missing them during their formative years, my wife did her utmost to guide them along the right path,” Dalic confessed.

In a tone echoing gratitude and humility, he continued, “The joy of a family is incomparable. I am grateful to my family for tolerating my work and preserving our unity.”

Beyond his sporting ambitions, Dalic harbors a deeper personal vision. He envisions a cohesive Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, not necessarily as one nation but as one people, healing from the scars of the past that continue to divide the two societies.

In Dalic’s view, “We are too minor to remain divided and engaged in internal conflict. We are too entrenched in the past, neglecting the future. We must promote coexistence, not to relive the belligerent past but to assist and uplift each other.”

The ultimate test is on the horizon. Croatia is slated to face France in the 2018 World Cup final in Russia next Sunday. However, amid the mounting pressure and expectations, Dalic remains calm and confident, knowing he has unwavering support borne out of years of devotion.

The saga of Zlatko Dalic, a man harmonizing his spiritual beliefs with the fervor for soccer, continues to unfold. Guided by the rosary in his pocket and dreams of glory in his mind, the praying coach marches on towards victory and unity.