Horoscope Month August 2022

The season of Cancer with all the sensitivity of his personality has given way to the season of Leo and the characteristics of this sign. This constellation is ruled by the Sun, the center of the universe, which encourages us all to be the protagonists of our own life… and of others, let’s not fool ourselves.

Horoscope Month August Year 2022

It provokes, above all, struggles of ego and to see who is more. However, the month of August under this sign is synonymous that we all feel more self-confident and with a special light. So it is for Leo all year long, who has compatibility in friendship and love with many constellations.

Everyone wants to be close!

Concerning the astral movements that will mark the month, we anticipate that it will be busy. Mercury arrives in Virgo on the 4th and then moves to Libra at the end of the month.

Although where we will notice things will be with the arrival of Venus in Leo on the 11th, when we will not have any shame to flirt and take the first step. Of course, no commitments, because Mars will be in Gemini from the 20th making us very slippery.

The Sun will pass into Virgo on the 23rd, and there will be two moons: a full moon in Aquarius on the 12th and a new one in Virgo on the 27th.

Sign Aries

You just got out of a relationship, and you are still overcoming the breakup, but I assure you that love will soon knock on your door to finally live the summer love you were looking for. It will also be due to the arrival of Venus in Leo, the ruling constellation, which will give you the confidence to be the one to propose the first date.

Sign Taurus

You’d better make the most of your summer vacation, because once the Sun leaves Cancer and Leo to settle in Virgo on August 23, your head will be a real locomotive again. The summer season should be to disconnect and, of course, not to start any relationship that you will not be able to extend for the rest of the year.

Sign Gemini

Mars is going to make a rather long visit to your sign, because it will be planted on August 20 and will not leave until the end of 2022. For practical purposes, you will feel that you need to find yourself again, opening your mind to new thoughts that you had never thought of before. Not bad at all… Take advantage of it!

Sign Cancer

Venus, the planet of love, can bring you some emotional ups and downs during the beginning of August when it will be over your sign. Now that you know this, you should not give it any more thought if during these weeks you feel a little more sensitive. Prioritize yourself and you’ll come out of this bump with a lot of learning.

Sign Leo

You just need to keep enjoying how wonderful your summer is being because once the Sun arrives in Virgo, thus initiating the season, you will get a little nervous analyzing every pro and con of the plans proposed to you. Now you’ll just have to flow and have a good time.

Sign Virgo

August will be a very reflective month for you. Not because we will have the presence of a retrograde planet, but because Mercury will be over your constellation from the 4th and will not leave until the Sun also arrives on the 23rd. The perfect time to organize how you want the beginning of the school year to be.

Sign Libra

Mercury will enter your sign at the end of August to clear all your doubts about what you want to do in this new course that begins. Normally, you have fears of starting something new, but be aware that if it gives you butterflies is that you are learning something good.

Sign Scorpio

Prepare your most romantic and sexual playlist, because you will need it once Venus lands on Leo on August 11. Relationships in bed will go up a few points of passion and bonds of affection will be shown, eternal love. Will the consequences last in time? It only depends on you.

Sign Sagittarius

Your luck will be skyrocketing as August comes to an end because Mercury will settle in Libra on the 25th to bring out the best in you when it comes to communicating with others. It will not be a good time to make decisions, but it will be a good time to get opportunities that you previously labeled as impossible.

Sign Capricorn

The new Moon over Virgo on August 27 will be like a masterclass in how to survive even if you’re not always right. Yes, we know it’s not fun for you to attend, but its energies will teach you how to do it without it becoming an obsession. You can learn a lot so you don’t lose your temper.

Sign Aquarius

The full moon in Aquarius on August 12 will be the perfect time to plan a getaway and go by yourself on that trip you’ve always wanted to take… but no one accompanies you. You don’t need them, so grab your suitcase and fly. The memories you’ll create will be unforgettable.

Sign Pisces

Even you won’t know why you do things this month, as Mars in Gemini from the 20th will make you think about the consequences. So, make important decisions before that date so you don’t take the wrong path. You will thank you later.

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This article has been adapted and translated by InfoMistico.com / Source: Cosmopolitan Magazine