Horoscope Month December 2022

Horoscope Month December 2022, InfoMistico.com

Good fortune and optimism are the hallmarks of the Sagittarius season. Because everything will be easier than usual, December 2022 will be one of the best months.

December 2022, the Horoscope Month

You’ll get used to things like finding parking right outside your door, finding money on the street, and finding bargains on boots you’ve had your eye on. Of course, take advantage of this before the arrival of Mercury’s fourth and final retrograde of the year.

You should know that this fire sign and friendship and love are very compatible. It is the right time to establish new bonds and strengthen existing ones.

The most significant astral movement of the month, as we have already informed you, will be the fourth Mercury retrograde of 2022. Don’t start thinking about your resolutions for 2023 yet because the planet of the mind and communication will start retrograding on December 28.

On December 7, when there will be a full moon in Gemini, be cautious because your anxiety level will increase. Along with the winter solstice on December 21 and the new moon the following day, the Sun will also begin its station in the sign of Capricorn on that day.

Sign Aries

The last (and fourth) Mercury retrograde, which begins on December 29, will occur at the end of 2022. It will occur over Capricorn, so there will be no time to carry out or even consider New Year’s resolutions. You will not be able to concentrate on it, which will make you angry.

Sign Taurus

It’s unusual to find someone in life who shares your admiration and likes you. So why not commit? On December 10, Venus enters Capricorn, so it’s the ideal time to do so. Create a memorable evening and express your emotions.

Sign Gemini

It will be a good idea to get in touch with friends you haven’t seen in a while during the month that most resemble Christmas. Take advantage of listening to the holidays to plan reunions and perhaps even to rekindle a past love. True, a new year means a renewed relationship. Of course, run away from the person who hurt you so badly.

Sign Cancer

Since Venus will leave Sagittarius, the luckiest sign in the horoscope, on December 10 and take her good luck in flirting with her, you won’t start 2023 with love. It’s not your forte, let’s face it. To get into that person, you simply need to be more confident. You already have the negative answer, and pumpkin puree is delicious.

Sign Leo

We are increasingly convinced that yours is an astral phenomenon. The concentration of all zodiac signs will be greatly affected by Mercury retrograde from December 29 in Capricorn, but you will notice only a slowdown in technology. Luck.

Sign Virgo

You can’t help but question whether your decision to kick those people out of your life was the right one. Take advantage of your tendency to overthink to focus on something more important, like what gifts to buy for the people you care about most. If you’ve done it, it’s for a reason. I’m avoiding a scratch for you.

Sign Libra

The new moon in Capricorn, which will take place on December 23 – one day before Christmas Eve – will help you to create all the goals you have for 2023. If that’s what you want, it’s also a sign that you should start the new year with this celebration. Would you like to consume your grapes earlier than usual?

Sign Scorpio

If there’s one piece of advice we can give you for December, it’s to avoid trying to convince your relative brother-in-law that you can’t think a certain way. Rather, stick to enjoying the last month of the year with all the intensity that characterizes you. On December 6, Mercury will enter Capricorn, which will make you stubborn.

Sign Sagittarius

We know that you hate to miss out on vacation. However, the truth is that now that you’ve landed your ideal position, you need to demonstrate more than ever your availability for everything. Take advantage of the time off to plan your favorite holiday activities, and then get away as soon as you can for a few days. It will be less expensive, which is great!

Sign Capricorn

Once the Sun enters your sign on December 21, you should finish any work projects that must be completed before 2023. However, you will have little time to do so because starting on the 29th, when Mercury goes retrograde, accomplishing them will cost you twice as much. Be sure to note this in your calendar.

Sign Aquarius

The vacations are the ideal time to give up on someone who is constantly clamoring for your attention. Admit it, you’re a free spirit who just wants to do what you want and ignore the messages. To make the breakup hurt as little as possible, be honest and communicate. What follows is none of your business.

Sign Pisces

Your mind goes at a thousand revolutions. However, your mouth doesn’t reach second gear when it comes to expressing feelings. If you have something to say, you will be able to do it with the full Moon in Gemini on December 8. Later, impossible, because Mercury retrograde begins and it will not be the best time to understand each other.

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