Angel Number 20 Pahaliah

Angel Number 20 Pahaliah,

Number: 20
Tree of Life: Sphere of Bina “Understanding”
Planetary energies: Saturn and Mars
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Zodiac Regency: 5° to 10° Cancer, 19° Aries, 0° Cancer, 11° Virgo, 25° Scorpio and 6° Aquarius
Meaning: “God the Redeemer”
Prince: Archangel Tsaphkiel
Regency hours: 06:20 to 06:40

Angel 20 Pahaliah: Spiritual Guide Invoking Strength and Wisdom

Angel 20 Pahaliah is a name steeped in immense spiritual strength and divine connection. This angel not only embodies the vigor of the spirit but also stands as an essential elixir for the soul, a vital tool in our relentless quest for deeper connections with the Creator.

Pahaliah represents a symbol of liberation. By calling upon his power and the essence of his name, the chains of our addictions and the bonds that restrain our spirit can be shed. Faith in Pahaliah’s energy might be the key to crossing our own inner Red Sea, liberating our spirits from the impediments that prevent us from achieving fulfillment.

This angel holds dominion in fields as diverse as morality, redemption, spirituality and theology. In a world where truth is often put to the test, Pahaliah possesses the ability to bestow revelations, endowing us with wisdom and guidance toward that which is genuine and authentic.

In the pursuit of our life’s purpose, this angel can prove to be a valuable ally in aiding us to discover and pursue the right calling, keeping us on a path of purity and kindling a religious vocation if that is our calling.

However, Pahaliah is not just there for those in search of their truth. He is a protective force against harmful tendencies such as debauchery and fallacy. Pahaliah can equip us with cogent arguments for dialoguing with skeptics, bolstering our faith and conviction.

Thus, if you seek to liberate yourself from internal shackles, find your calling, or simply delve deeper into your connection with the divine, Pahaliah, Angel number 20, can be an invaluable companion on your spiritual journey.

Invoking Pahaliah, the 20th Angel of Spiritual Strength: When and How to Do It

  • Schedule: 06:20 to 06:40
  • Regency Jewish calendar: 17th to 21st of Sivan, 5784
  • Gregorian calendar regency: June 23 to 27, April 8, June 19, August 30, November 10 and January 21

Dates indicated refer to the year of regency approximately to the year 2024. The physical angel determines the position of the Sun by quinary (set of five degrees) in your birth chart. The emotional angel by the position of the sun by zodiac degree and the mental angel depends on the actual local time of birth. A precise calculation is needed. If you are interested in actually discovering your birth angels corresponding to the day of your birth, click here

Angel Number 20 Pahaliah,

Hebrew Letter Angel 20 Pahaliah

Angel Number 20 Pahaliah,


Giving Spiritual Strength (against depression)

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Psalm 119, Verse 108

Angel Number 20 Pahaliah,
I beseech thee, O Lord, that the willing sacrifices of my mouth may be acceptable to thee and teach me thy judgments.

The Children of Angel 20 Pahaliah: Delving into Souls Graced by the Guardian of Truth and Wisdom

Within the celestial sphere of Bina in the Tree of Life, Angel Pahaliah holds particular guardianship over select souls. Individuals born under Pahaliah’s blessing are often marked by an innate depth of spirituality and unwavering devotion to truth mirrored in the integrity of their deeds.

They are magnetic, drawing others to them through their authenticity and moral uprightness, as they are not known to act out of mere expedience. Resembling spiritual sleuths, their boundless curiosity propels them to probe and decode nature’s enigmas; their wisdom and discipline render them a lodestone for like-minded seekers.

Those in Pahaliah’s charge are remarkably composed and self-disciplined. With the understanding that true serenity lies beyond worldly allurements, they are not easily swayed by base impulses or desires. They are akin to modern-day knights-errant, relentlessly championing noble causes and epitomizing hope. As adept discerners, they strive for existence in accord with their fellow beings.

An aura of enigma surrounds them. It is as though they carry with them the wisdom of lifetimes past, especially in matters concerning family and kinship. Solitude is not in their nature; their hearts yearn for the companionship of a steadfast ally in the pursuit of joy.

They emanate an air of vitality and affluence, irrespective of their material standing. This can perhaps be attributed to the aura bestowed upon them by their guardian Angel, which grows more discernible in certain moments. Communion with angelic forces can even manifest in material prosperity.

In professional endeavors, Pahaliah’s wards are often drawn to journalism or careers in mass communication. They are articulate and charismatic, making them natural orators, speakers and educators. Additionally, they might possess a penchant for craftsmanship or show an affinity for roles commanding seniority.

The realms of the esoteric and the initiatory Kabbalah beckon them and they engage in profound exploration to comprehend the synergy between the seen and unseen realms. With an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, they evolve into polymaths, ceaselessly widening their intellectual expanse.

Those under the vigilant watch of Angel Pahaliah are souls on a path defined by an unrelenting quest for truth, wisdom and an intrinsic yearning for harmony with the drapery of life around them.

Angel Number 20 of the Qliphoth: King Purson

King Purson holds a hierarchy that positions him as a sovereign of the underworld, wielding dominion over 22 legions of demons. He possesses the ability to uncover hidden objects and treasures. Moreover, Purson has a profound knowledge of events, both past and future.

This demonic entity is distinguished by his ability to truthfully answer questions related to the most recondite and divine mysteries of the Earth, as well as those concerning the creation of the world. Furthermore, Purson is revered as a spirit of divination, endowed with the unique ability to facilitate communication with the dead, thereby broadening the spectrum of his competencies and establishing him as a bridge between the earthly world and the beyond.

In the same vein, his capacity to reveal treasures not only in the literal sense of the term but also as inspirations that enrich the summoner with previously inaccessible knowledge stands out. Additionally, Purson can manifest in both astral or ethereal forms and in a human form, through which he can unveil secrets both divine and earthly.

The representation of Purson merges elements of power and majesty, being described as a man with the face of a lion, symbolizing his authority and strength, while the serpent he carries in his hand suggests wisdom and the ability to influence the environment. Mounted upon a bear, this image highlights his dominion over the animal kingdom and his capacity to traverse different spheres of existence, reinforcing his position as a being of great power and knowledge.

Purson’s specialties, focused on questions, knowledge, and vision of the future. Similarly, his ability to provide guidance and revelations through various means and forms reflects the complexity and multidimensionality of his nature, positioning him as an entity of utmost importance within the pantheon of the 72 demons summoned by King Solomon.

The Ballad of Angel Pahaliah: A Heart’s Redemption

Whispers of Ancestral Echoes

In the core of an ancient city, where history’s shadows waltz upon cobblestones, a legend was embroidered along the timeworn walls of an old academy. Here, Pahaliah, dubbed “The Formidable,” resonated his dominion through corridors and gardens.

This youth, with luminescent eyes and a will of iron, forged his sovereignty over his peers. His compatriots, more akin to vassals than friends, drifted like phantoms in his presence, dreading the tempests his wrath could unleash.

His fingers, akin to rapacious talons, grasped unflinchingly at all that belonged to others. An unseen carapace seemed to cloak him, as fear found no refuge within his heart.

Yet, in the drapes of fate, the wheel ceaselessly turns and soon Pahaliah disappears from the streets he once tyrannized. He sequestered himself within the shadows of his abode, ensnared by a mysterious malady that enveloped him like mist.

Physicians, armed with potions and parchments, stood confounded by the affliction encircling Pahaliah. As he withered away, his erstwhile companions, in a noble pursuit to mend his heart, lent solace and aid to his distraught kin.

Upon the precipice of the otherworldly, as his light dimmed, a reverberation pierced the shadows. “Pahaliah, Pahaliah, awaken,” a voice from the abyss beckoned.

The once-imposing figure, now a mere wisp, lifted his gaze to behold a resplendent apparition at his side. It was his visage, Pahaliah, bathed in celestial light!

“Who art thou?” the youth whispered, his voice quivering for the first time. “I am thine divine essence, the spark of illumination entombed within the catacombs of thy soul,” the ethereal being responded.

There, upon the threshold between realms, Angel Pahaliah unfurled the window shade of his existence. He revealed how his hostility was a mournful cry, an echo of ancient anguish yearning for solace.

The youth, now enshrouded in waves of trepidation and compassion as boundless as the ocean, pleaded, “Grant me passage back, that I may serve as a beacon rather than a tempest.”

Legend tells that Pahaliah, reembraced by the mortal coil, arose transfigured. The malady dispelled like vapor in the breeze. His once ponderous stride is now akin to a waltz upon the wind.

And so, both academy and city bore witness to the rebirth of a spirit. They beheld how Angel Pahaliah shepherded a wayward youth through heart tempests and into redemption’s embrace.

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