Angel Number 20 Pahaliah

Number: 20
Tree of Life: is located in the Bina «understanding» sphere
Meaning: «God the Redeemer»
Prince: Archangel Tsaphkiel
Regency hours: from 06:20 to 06:40

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Angel 20 Pahaliah

  • This name empowers our spiritual strength and is a vitamin for our soul to connect with the Creator.
  • Pahaliah and this Name is of great power and strength.
  • If we want to be free of our attachments, and addictions and release our spirit we must ask for help from this angel and Name.
  • If we invoke with faith the power of the Name through its energy we will cross our particular inner Red Sea and be free.
  • This angel rules over morality, redemption, spirituality, and theology.
  • Grant us revelations of truth and wisdom.
  • To help us to find the right vocation, to keep chastity.
  • To awaken us to a religious vocation, to seek arguments to convince unbelievers, protection against tendencies to licentiousness and error.

How to invoke the Angel Pahaliah (dates and times)


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