Angel Number 15 Hariel

Angel Number 15 Hariel,

Number: 15
Tree of Life: sphere of Kohmat “Wisdom”
Planetary energies: Uranus and Mercury
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Zodiac Regency: 10° to 15° Gemini, 14° Aries, 26° Gemini, 6° Virgo, 20° Scorpio and 1° Aquarius
Meaning: “God the Creator”
Prince: Archangel Raziel
Regency hours: 04:40 to 05:00

Angel 15 Hariel: Transforming Light on Your Spiritual Journey

Hariel, angel number 15 acts as a beacon in our spiritual journey. Its light guides navigators in the ocean of existence, dispelling the doubts that sometimes plunge us into darkness. Their interventions sharpen our understanding, strengthening our religious feelings and helping us to find what is useful and what is new in the immense universe of the sacred.

Hariel is defined as a radiant entity that shines with the light of wisdom, intellectuality and will. This angel has a profound and transcendental vision, allowing those who follow him to anticipate the future consequences of his present actions.

Their precise intuition and mental acuity become a protective shield against hasty and uninformed decisions.

However, Hariel’s task goes beyond showing us the way. This angel helps us to dismantle the illusions that often cloud our vision. He works like a mirror that reflects our reality as it is, stripping it of deceptions and misconceptions.

Hariel stands out as a spiritual mentor. His presence accompanies those who dive into the depths of meditation, teaching us to calm our minds and explore the abyss of our thoughts.

Thanks to Hariel, meditators can descend to the depths of their inner being and re-emerge to the surface with a transformed perspective.

This protective angel deploys an invisible shield around us, defending us from destructive criticism and negative thoughts, whether our own or those of others. Hariel promotes mental purification, harmonizing our thoughts with our spiritual purposes and creating a synergy that amplifies our capacity to make positive changes in our lives.

Hariel, with her luminous energy, personifies hope and renewal. It is the angel that is invoked to promote improvement in our professional activities, showing us that every day brings with it the possibility of being better at what we do.

It is the ambassador of loving attraction and kindness. Their interventions strengthen emotional ties with those around us, especially in the family environment. In this sense, Hariel acts as a catalyst for love and generosity, radiating these values so that they flood every corner of our lives.

Invocation of the Angel 15 Hariel: Dates, Times and Essential Steps

  • Schedule: 04:40 to 05:00
  • Regency Jewish calendar: 21-25 of Sivan, 5784
  • Regency Gregorian calendar: May 29 to June 2, April 3, June 16, August 28, November 12 and January 22
    → The dates indicated refer to the regency year 2023. If you are interested in discovering your birth angels corresponding to the day of your birth, click here ↵
  • For detailed learning on how to invoke and meditate with the 72 Names of God, please visit the link provided below >>

Hebrew Letter Angel Hariel

Angel Number 15 Hariel,


Increase Spiritual Vision

Psalm 128, Verse 4

Angel Number 15 Hariel,
Behold, so shall the man be blessed who fears the Lord.

Characteristics of those born under the Regency of Angel 15 Hariel

Those who were born under the custody of Angel Hariel have unique traits. They are people full of spirituality and religiosity with an innate vocation to build bridges between people and the divine. Like shepherds who guide their flock, they point the path to the truth to those who have lost their way.

They embody the concept of rebirth and transformation. Like the phoenix that emerges from its own ashes, they are prepared to rise again when the circumstances of life demand a change. Their emotional purity is evident. They are essentially simple individuals but they have an innate refinement to value the material and social aspects of life.

Hariel’s protégés are attracted to esoteric studies and will often find themselves promoting associations, organizing conferences and working to legitimate spiritual and alternative activities. Their religiosity is a driving force in their lives.

They have a conscious enlightenment that allows them to establish rituals and customs, thus contributing to the expansion of spirituality. Their power for magical invocations allows them to combat materialism in order to improve human existence.

These people are distinguished by their authority and extraordinary analytical intelligence. Endowed with a strong sense of justice, they always find enlightenment in the choice of their paths. They are realistic with their feet firmly planted in reality and have a special talent for learning, creating and studying.

Those guarded by Hariel maintain a high mood, demonstrating that life is simple and there is no need to complicate it. They are people who ask their Angel with confidence, knowing that their requests will be answered quickly.

A year in the life of these individuals may seem like five for others because of the intensity with which they live each experience. As for their professional inclination, they are attracted to roles such as teachers, lawyers, artisans, restorers and scholars of paintings and antique objects.

These life paths reflect his love for knowledge, justice, creativity, the recovery of the old and beauty in all its forms.

Dark Counterpart of the Angel 15 Hariel

Although the figure of the Angel Hariel radiates light and goodness, there is a negative counterpart to the Qlifot tree. This dark entity rules over disasters and wars of a religious nature, demonstrating how feelings of devotion and faith can be diverted into chaos and destruction when misinterpreted or manipulated.

Influence heretics in the dissemination of dangerous practices and beliefs. These individuals, under the dark tutelage of Qlifot, hinder the discovery and development of new spiritual methods and approaches that could bring light and understanding to humanity.

In addition, it supports manifestations contrary to esoteric movements. Like an inverted reflection of Hariel who promotes the expansion of spirituality and the legalization of esoteric activities, Qlifot 15 seeks to hinder their progress and spreads disinformation to confuse and divert those seeking the spiritual path.

The Renewed Legend of the Angel Hariel: A Destiny Illuminated by Hope

On days when winter spread like a cold white canvas, life in the small town was a test of endurance. The drought had devastated the fields, wiping out the crops and heralding times of scarcity and tribulation. Desolation engulfed the place and no one seemed to suffer more than the humble family that housed a small boy named Hariel.

Bad fortune seemed to have chosen them for a ruthless deal. Not only did poverty and hunger by-products of the failed harvest, threaten their livelihood but the critical condition of Hariel, their only son, filled them with hopelessness.

Hariel was a ray of light in the village, his presence was so friendly and loving that the inhabitants competed for his company. But now, his small body was fighting an unknown disease that weakened him day after day, plunging the villagers into deep sadness.

Even so, Hariel’s optimistic essence never wavered. Aware of her parents’ pain, she used to fill her home with words of hope:

“Mother, father, last night I spoke to God in my dreams,” she said in a soft voice but full of joy. He asked me if I was afraid to which I replied: “Why should I be?” He smiled and, after kissing me on the forehead, he promised me:

“You are a child loved by the angels of heaven. They will give you their support and will never abandon you. When you need help, ask for it and you’ll get it. Your kindness guarantees it.”

Upon hearing this, the father’s eyes were filled with tears that he couldn’t hold back. Although he wanted to keep the faith, the anguish of seeing his son suffer made him question divine justice.

“Maybe it was just a dream, my son,” he answered with an attempt to smile. How can God allow so much suffering?

Hariel was overcome with deep regret when he saw his father in despair and before he fell asleep, he made a fervent wish that his father’s faith would be restored.

The next morning brought with it a bright light that woke Hariel up. To everyone’s surprise, the boy was full of life and energy, free from the fever and pain that had plagued him for days.

The father, incredulous at the miracle, shed tears, this time of pure joy. His words of thanks to God were mixed with laughs of relief.

That morning, the sun rose in the sky and the snow vanished, heralding more favorable times. Hope, once again, had returned to the village, thanks to the blessing of little Angel Hariel.

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