Angel Number 15 Hariel

Number: 15
Tree of Life: it is located in the sphere of Kohmat «Wisdom»
Meaning: «God the Creator»
Prince: Archangel Raziel
Regency hours: from 04:40 to 05:00
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Angel 15 Hariel

  • Helps to increase our spiritual vision to begin to see into the spiritual world. It ends our doubts.
  • Exalts religious feelings and help us to discover the useful and the new.
  • This Name and Angel radiates wisdom as well as intellect and will. It is an Angel of far-sightedness and foresight.
  • Thanks to his intuition and mental acuity helps us to foresee all the consequences of our actions in the long term.
  • Eliminate the veils of illusion that cloud our vision.
  • He is an unbeatable guide in meditation practices. He teaches us to still our mind and to reach the depths of our thinking.
  • It is a guardian and protective Angel, especially from destructive criticism and negative thoughts, both our own and others.
  • Helping to purify our mind, so that our thoughts are in harmony with our spiritual goals.
  • The greatest qualities of the Angel Hariel are hope and renewal.
  • It is invoked to obtain improvements in professional performance.
  • To attract love and kindness from those around us, especially among members of our families.

How to invoke the Angel Hariel (dates and times)


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April 3, June 14, August 24, November 5, January 16