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Leo’s month is one of great power. This month has a lot of growth potential as well as the capacity to powerfully produce vast amounts of Light and blessings. Unlocking the gate separating us from all of the potential blessings is this week’s key.

Weekly Kabbalistic Astrology for August 7th – 11th, 2022

The secret to this week’s Light and gifts is yearning to come nearer to the Creator through prayer, craving and seeking.

Uranus has already attained an extremely karmic position, to start with. It is in alignment with Taurus’ North Node.

That implies that both humanity as a whole and each of us individually is under intense pressure to change. Uranus is a radical transformation symbol. Consider development and your relationship to the great powers of the universe.

We are driven to become better listeners and hear universal messages and the Creator’s guidance since it is conjunct with the North Node, the karmic emblem of our Tikkun process, and the following stage of our soul’s progress.

Make this week all about becoming close to the Creator, practically speaking. Ask the Creator each morning to hear you and follow his or her instructions.

For most of this week, the sun in Leo forms a hard aspect to Uranus; we may feel a significant pull away from our ego and comfort zone.

The sun in Leo

The sun in Leo seeks to keep us solid where we are while Uranus pushes us firmly toward change and transformation.

We may be obstinate and self-assured in our ingrained habits.

Pay attention to this pull of energy and try your hardest to meditate, pray, and let go of any attachments so you can go on a path of progress. Venus (in Cancer) opposite Pluto adds to the conflict (in Capricorn).

It serves as a reminder to not let fear or the opinions of others hold us back, enabling us to go over any self-doubt.

All of us should seize these cosmic chances!

Make becoming closer to the Creator and hearing global counsel the main goal of your prayers and meditations.

“Most of the time, when we pray, we ask for health, sustenance, or other blessings. Maybe we pray that the deal we are working on manifests or that we’ll get the phone call we’ve been waiting for, the answer we’ve been seeking, or the miracle we think that we need. But how often do we pray for a closer connection to the Creator?”

– Karen Berg on the portion of Va’etchanan

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