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The moon is in its crescent phase, which began on November 30 and will last until December 7, when we start the week. This time forces us to develop and provides us with the necessary motivation to carry out our objectives.

Weekly Kabbalistic Astrology December 4-10, 2022

However, new ventures can still be initiated during this Moon because we have a great capacity for invention and exceptional clarity in decision-making.

There is a conflict with the Sun in Sagittarius because this crescent quarter falls under the energy of the Piscean sign.

On the one hand, being in Pisces with the Moon (which represents our emotions) increases our levels of shyness, insecurity, dependence, sensitivity, and empathy toward others.

Conversely, the sun in Sagittarius motivates us to be more liberated, independent, and extroverted by encouraging us to see things for ourselves. Progress can be made by utilizing the tension created by the collision of these two very different energies.

Finally, as both signs are mutable, they can be adaptable and flexible. The main strategy this week, in my opinion, should be flexible and going with the flow.

Full Moon December 7

Our satellite reaches the Full Moon on the 7th, which is its highest point. It is not advisable to start anything after this time frame ends on the 16th of the current month.

Instead, now is the time to achieve your goals, reap your rewards, and enjoy your gains. Consider allowing others to see you. Both publicity and social gatherings will be beneficial.

We can see our illumination and are surrounded by brilliance and splendor. The fact that this Moon is in Gemini further enhances the social component of the Full Moon.

This is the time to organize a celebration and honor openings. This is a fantastic opportunity to inform the whole world of your efforts.

Keep in mind that the Sun and Moon are in opposition when there is a Full Moon. In this case, the Sun is in Sagittarius and the Moon is in Gemini, so they are in opposition. Despite being opposite each other, these two signs work well together. As a result, this time brings balance and harmony for everyone.


They seek independence, truth, justice, and integrity. Gemini, on the other hand, is social, superficial, adaptable in its thinking or, put another way, knows how to accommodate the truth. The complementary nature of these energies at the Full Moon also helps to enhance our sense of balance this month.

Planets in fire signs are very influential at the beginning of the week. But as the days pass, only the Sun’s dominance remains. We will experience a lack of the fire that usually drives us and provides us with drive, energy, enthusiasm, and desire starting this week.

Venus and Mercury

Venus, the planet of love, and Mercury, the planet of communication, support this radical change.

As these planets move into Capricorn, a serious and rigid sign in terms of rules, we will notice a significant increase in the seriousness of our communication and a decrease in the warmth of our feelings.

Switching from cheerful, extroverted Sagittarius to incredibly serious Capricorn, this change will feel abrupt. This situation begins to prepare us for the change the following month, Capricorn.


Mars continues in retrograde motion, which awakens in each of us a very aggressive element. Confronting and curbing this desire requires a lot of strength on our part. Under this energy, it is very easy to get into a fight, so strive to control it because it will push you to the limit.

Often there will be pointless fights that you will be able to stay out of. Keep calm and look for harmonious ways to reach agreements instead of arguing, as Mars will not leave this position until January 12.

Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces

The week’s energy will be more sensitive, spiritual, and emotional thanks to Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces.

Take advantage of this wave to meditate, pray and establish a connection with the Creator as your sixth sense will be sharpened. Beware of excessive avoidance, emotional exaggeration, and sensitivity.

The energy of the planets, most of which are in the sign of Capricorn, will rule at the end of the week. Earth signs encourage us to be more reasonable, realistic, methodical, and practical.

Work and responsibility of these signs help us to manifest ourselves and put in the necessary effort to achieve our goals, achieving a good balance with the irresponsibility of Sagittarius.

On Monday and Tuesday, we will tend to seek harmony and stability. Try to assimilate what surrounds you. The best days to meet with friends, go out, and socialize are Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Activities with the family and household chores are preferable on Saturday and Sunday. Think about decorating and organizing the house.


After years of not seeing his brother Esav and having his birthright stolen from him, Jacob prepares to meet him in this week’s portion, Vayishlach. Esav is as enraged as Jacob when the two brothers are separated while he prays, sends messengers, and makes preparations for war.

This is ideal advice for this week because we can use our spiritual connection to ask Hashem for the courage to avoid conflict and aggression. This week, send good wishes to the person with whom you are at odds.

Imagine how you would conduct that meeting: with tenderness, tact, respect, and diplomacy.

Keep in mind that Sagittarius is overly direct and honest, and Mars retrograde is extremely confrontational. Jacob encourages us to seek a solution on a much more spiritual level.

With information from Kabbalah Centre International