Cancer Month Energy Kabbalistic Astrology

Cancer Month Energy Kabbalistic Astrology,

On the evening of June 20th, the emergence of the New Moon ushered in the astrological Month of Cancer or what’s referred to as the Month of Tammuz within the sacred teachings of the Talmud and Kabbalah.

Harnessing Cosmic Energy through Kabbalah and Astrology

Channeling Selfish Desire into Altruistic Action

The celestial energy from this month will persist until the sunset of July 18th. As expressed in the Talmud, “The study of celestial movements (astrology) and gematria (numerology) serves as the gateway to wisdom.”

The objective of Kabbalistic Astrology is to equip individuals with the means to leverage the available energy each month, facilitating their rise above cosmic astrological influences to attain true mastery over their lives.

This unique discipline emphasizes the transition from a self-centered mindset (the desire to receive for oneself) towards an altruistic spirit (the desire to receive in order to distribute to others). Every month offers a distinct energy that can assist us in realizing our potential as human beings, aligning our actions with our life’s purpose and mission.

Drawing upon the wisdom of the Bible, we can decipher the specific energy of each month which is intrinsically tied to the historical events that occurred during the same month in biblical times.

Kabbalistic Astrology posits that we are influenced by the energy of each zodiac month, regardless of our birth sign. This suggests that whether we are Sagittarians, Scorpios or Geminis, the energy of the current month directly impacts us.

We all carry aspects of the twelve zodiac signs within us and furthermore, the energy of the present month is what the cosmos offers to guide us on our journey towards self-fulfillment and the accomplishment of our life mission.

Sartan (Cancer) in Kabbalah

A Path to Transcendence and Purification

The “Sefer Yetzirah” or “Book of Formation” – a cornerstone of Kabbalistic teaching traditionally ascribed to patriarch Abraham – designates each month of the year with a Hebrew letter, a zodiac sign, one of the 12 tribes, a sense and a human body organ as its overseer.

As the month of Tammuz (Cancer) commences, so does the summer season. This month aligns with the element of water, the moon as its governing celestial body, the color orange, the ruby stone, the biblical letter Cheth, the Cancer zodiac sign, the tribe of Reuben, the sense of sight, the attribute of perception and the right hand as the corresponding body part. The sign or Mazal of this month is Sartan (Cancer – The Crab).

The Aramaic term for Cancer, ‘Sartan,’ can be dissected into two parts: ‘Sar’ – implying the eradication and purification of all negativity and ‘Tan’ – symbolizing chaos, animosity, grudges and the sundry negative aspects harbored in our hearts.

Cancer month’s energy implores us to eradicate life’s problems or negative situations, thus preventing the metaphorical development of CANCER in its many forms in our lives.

From this perspective, ‘Sartan’ combines the words ‘sar’ and ‘tan,’ literally translating to ‘lay aside the body,’ or to reveal the soul. This phrase is about discarding reality’s outer ‘shell’ (through deep vision) to unveil the ‘fruit’ or the life force of inner reality.

Harnessing the Energy of Cancer Month for Spiritual Growth

From Negative to Positive

The energetic pattern this month inclines towards ‘negativity,’ predisposing individuals to stray towards impure thoughts and actions.

However, ‘negative’ does not automatically signify detrimentally; it merely implies a tendency to tap into our ‘selfish’ side, offering greater challenges and hence, larger opportunities for personal transformation.

We should be ready to harness the light hidden within this apparent ‘negativity,’ much like producing several positives from a single photographic negative.

This period of Cancer introduces the unique hurdle of heightened emotional reactivity, attributed to the Moon’s influence, the ruling celestial body of Cancer. Our relationships could stir our sensitivities, triggering criticism, rejection, abandonment, depression, moodiness, sadness and melancholy.

Cancer month is a time of emotional intensity which isn’t inherently ‘bad.’ It encourages introspection: are we controlling our impulses and emotions or are they controlling us? We all have the potential to cultivate love during this month. The more we exercise unconditional love, the more miracles unfold in our lives.

This month calls for greater sensitivity towards others’ emotions and situations, to transform this period of ‘negativity’ into light through sharing, reaching out, showing appreciation and demonstrating unconditional love.

Seeing Reality from a Spiritual Perspective in the Month of Cancer

Adjusting the Lens

Summer (the Cancer period) represents an ocular ‘vacation.’ It is the time to ‘cover one’s eyes’ to see only the decent and good in the world and fellow humans. Proper care and focus on the eyes lead to the rectification of the visual ‘sense.’

One must train their eyes (both physically and spiritually) to see only the inner positive dimension of reality and not to fixate on the outer, negative ‘shell.’

The spiritual connotation of the visual sense during the month of Cancer is the ability to ‘see’ the divine origin behind all physical reality. It necessitates the release of the physical and material (ego-centric) to reveal the authentic and spiritual (altruistic) in this world.

Often, we falsely associate pleasure with goodness. However, if we don’t consider what is ‘right,’ choices devoid of truth are bound to be fleeting. The idea of good changes over time and what once brought pleasure may now induce revulsion.

Truth, however, is eternal; its solidity endures forever. Perhaps the realization that we’re doing the right thing, consciously and by choice, ultimately provides the greatest pleasure – the only pleasure that, being rooted in unchanging truth, doesn’t fluctuate over time. Thus, it’s advisable to harness this month’s energy to evaluate our actions and decide whether we want them to be grounded in true pillars or our fleeting perceptions of good, evil and unstable pleasure.

Letter: Cheth (Jet)

In reference to the sense of sight, the form of the letter Cheth (Jet) symbolizes the dynamics between the spiritual light emanating from the eyes and the physical light that bounces back from the object being observed. This connection makes it a month for refining our sight – for being cautious of what we allow ourselves to see.

The Talmud puts it succinctly: “The eye sees, the heart desires, the body executes and the soul bears the consequence.”

Blessing Hands

Emphasizing Altruism and Spirituality in the Month of Cancer

In any pair (right-left), the right hand symbolizes the spiritual, while the left hand denotes the physical or material aspects. More often than not, especially the index finger of the right hand is used to guide and focus our gaze.

Our hands represent our capacity to bless the world through our spiritual approach to life. One of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov’s final teachings illuminates the significance of our hands in our daily spiritual journey.

The Rebbe elucidates how we can utilize our hands to invoke wisdom that aids in manifesting altruism and the desire to receive in order to share with others.

This month, choose to concentrate on tackling your fears and dependence on material things. Bid farewell to old relationships, jobs or businesses that no longer serve your growth. Open up about your emotions and moods with others. Offer emotional support to others which in turn will enhance your spiritual growth.

Trust in the process this month, for your intuition and perception will be heightened. Challenge any false sense of security you might harbor. Take risks and trust that everything will work out for the best. Connect with altruism (receiving in order to share). Undertake actions that foster your inclination to share. Be grateful for all your blessings. Practice living in the present moment (let go of the past).

Bear in mind that this cosmic energy is available for our self-improvement, correction, enhancement and the pursuit of human excellence, regardless of your zodiac sign.

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