New Moon Angels Month of Av

New Moon Angels Month of Av,

Each month is represented by a zodiac sign and a planet, both created by a Hebrew letter. The Book of Formation explains that by meditating daily with the Hebrew letters that are specific to each month, we can plant the seeds we would like to attract into our life for the month.

Angels New Moon Month of Av advice

The Hebrew month of Av (or Menachem-Av, the consoler of Av) is the fifth of the twelve months of the Jewish calendar.

The name Av leans “father.” It derives from the root which means “to will” or “to desire.”

It is the month of the “low point” of the Jewish calendar (the 9th ofAv, the day of the sin of the spies and the destruction of both the first and second Temples in Jerusalem).

As well as the month of the “high point” of the Jewish calendar (the 15th of Av—“there are no happier days for Israel than the 15th of Av and Yom HaKippurim” (Mishnah Ta’anit 26:)–the day of finding one’s predestined soul-mate).

Sefer Yetzirah

The Sefer Yetzirah (The Book of Formation) written by Abraham the Patriarch 3800 years ago says that the Hebrew letters are the DNA of the universe.

They are the physical representation of the energy forces that created everything from planets to galaxies. Make them your own, print them out, stick them on the wall, carry them with you at all times and do whatever it takes to make them part of your day. To have a month full of blessings.

Hebrew letters for this month

New Moon Angels Month of Av,

Angel Energy for the month of Av

Angel Haaiah (26) ruled by domicile from 5° to 10° of Leo.

Speak your mind.

When we need to speak the truth but find it difficult, use this Name as soon as our heart begins to beat fast.

Likewise, when we need to open up to hard truths about ourselves, use this Name the very instant we become defensive.

It is hard to be lovingly honest with others.

If an opportunity arises to confront someone with the truth, we shut down; our hearts race and adrenaline is released at the mere possibility of speaking our minds.

The fear of telling or hearing the truth is the biggest obstacle we face in our desire to experience relationships that are genuinely fulfilling, honest and loving. When we hold something back, that “something” separates us from the other person.

If we are not open to hearing the words of others without reacting or taking them personally, we distance ourselves from those individuals. It is always easier to tell people what they want to hear.

Frequently, it is more comfortable to agree with someone, even if in our hearts we disagree.

It can be equally frightening to confront painful realities about ourselves when our friends and family feel compelled to tell us only what we want to hear to avoid bigger problems.

Remember – Be cautious about speaking your mind.

Angel Poyel (56) rules by rotation from 5° to 6° Leo.

To disappear anger.

You may say you have been an idol worshipper, but the word idol refers to more than just statues. An idol is an object, person, or situation that dominates your behavior.

Anger is a sign that you are in an attitude of idol worship.

We are all susceptible to idol worship, either through the pursuit of fame or through the veneration of wealth and power.

Reverence images, especially the image of ourselves that we feel we must project to others. Anger is the most obvious form in which idolatry manifests itself.

Something external is controlling our emotions and reactions.

  • A computer crashes and our important files are lost and we burst out in anger, bowing before a silicon idol.
  • If a car breaks down leaving us on the road and we scream in anger, we are worshipping a metal god.
  • We lose patience with our spouse or children and cause them undue pain, we are worshiping an idol of darkness.

When we become devoted to idols and allow external situations or other people to instigate anger and rage in us, we sever our connection to the Light. This is a grave mistake, as the Light is the true source of fulfillment of our deepest desires.

Remember – Connect with the light of the creator to vanish anger.

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