Angel Number 56 Poyel

Angel Number 56 Poyel,

Number: 56
Tree of life: it is located in the sphere of Netzah and means “Eternity”
Planetary energies: Venus and Moon
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Zodiac Regency: from 5° to 10° Capricorn, 24° Taurus, 5° Leo, 16° Libra, 30° Sagittarius and 11° Pisces
Meaning: “God, sustainer of the universe”
Prince: Archangel Haniel
Regency hours: from 18:20 to 18:40 hours

Angel 56 Poyel

  • Invoking Poyel removes the fascination and power of idolatry (power, money, religiosity) that control the world.
  • It helps you to remove anger from your heart. To find happiness and peace of mind from within.
  • This angel is known for his dominion over philosophy, fame and fortune.
  • It is invoked to reach the proposed achievements or to make our most desired dreams come true.
  • This Name brings to light what is within us, our true motivations and discharges our subconscious.
  • It will help you with all kinds of negative thoughts, fears, worries, depression, anxiety, compulsive behavior, uncontrolled reactions, dependencies and addictions.

How to invoke the Angel Poyel (dates and times)

  • Schedule: 18:20 to 18:40
  • Regency Jewish calendar: Tevet 8 to 12, 5784
  • Regency gregorian calendar: December 20-24, May 14, July 27, October 8, December 23 and March 4
  • To learn how to invoke and meditate with the 72 Names of God visit the following link »

Hebrew Letter Angel Poyel

Angel Number 56 Poyel,


Cancel Idolatry

Psalm 149, Verse 4

Angel Number 56 Poyel,
For the Lord will be pleased with his people; he will crown the humble with salvation.

Characteristics of people born under the regency of the Angel Poyel

  • Those born under the influence of this angel are aware of the sacrifices they must make before their wishes come true.
  • They will be esteemed by all because of their modesty and pleasant humor.
  • Your fortune will be obtained thanks to your talent and good conduct.
  • Consider getting almost everything you desire and will always be determined to learn and know all things in the world.
  • Despite his modest and fragile experience, he will strive to place himself in a favorable socioeconomic position and thus obtain recognition for his talents, being able to be recognized all over the world.
  • Being open to everything is a symbol of vitality and generosity.
  • Will know how to balance reason with passion, believes in the salvation of people through love and will be ready to help everyone.
  • Always work with a spiritualist and angelic philosophy.
  • Optimistic, he will know how to emphasize the positive qualities of people and situations.
  • With his charm, he will enlighten the lives of all those who approach him.
  • Professionally, she will shine abroad because of her facility for languages, customs and habits.
  • It will be predisposed to exercise the magic and to practice the good.

Legend of the Angel Poyel

“Pure Heart”

“A presumptuous friend.”

Their lives had been close since they were very young. They developed a strong connection as they grew up and played together. But fate doesn’t always smile on us and one fine day, Neyes had to say goodbye to his constant companion Poyel.

Due to their great separation and the passage of time, their once unbreakable love faded into a faded memory. It was the only trace of a romance that had ended just as it was beginning to blossom.

Poyel wasted no time as life went on. His hard work in his studies would be rewarded with good fortune.

He was the top student in his class and had earned the respect of all his classmates, who often turned to him for guidance.

Young Poyel’s fame and renown followed him everywhere, but no one ever noticed any arrogance or vanity in him for feeling so well-liked.

He received the highest praise for his continued gentleness and reasonableness. He had only recently graduated and was already a colorful professor of philosophy.

He only needed to be able to continue his career and Providence allowed him to do so. To do so, he had to beat another applicant who was also competing for the position.

However, Poyel put a lot of effort into creating a solid presentation project. He had been researching for years and this was his chance to share what he had learned. But fate intervened to give him another surprise.

He found it hard to believe. He never imagined that life would play such a cruel joke on him. He was up against Neyes, his childhood best friend, in the competition. He almost didn’t recognize him, but it didn’t matter at all because they gave each other an emotional hug to mark their happy reunion.

The next few hours were spent together. They smiled as they recalled some of the pranks they had played on each other as children. However, they were both aware that they had to talk about their professional situations and were worried that doing so would overshadow their joy.

—Poyel, I must forget our friendship. My life depends on my getting this job done, so I’m determined. Neyes reprimanded sternly:

“I must ask you not to run. I am willing to do anything to get it done and I would be very unhappy to have to defy you.”

Those remarks contained strong ambition and real ice. Poyel struggled to speak, for a great lump in his throat prevented him from believing what his old friend had said.

—But how is it possible that you have changed so much?— asked the young man, who was inconsolable.

—Life is hard, my friend and only the hardy survive,— Neyes commented cynically as he turned to leave.

Both received letters from the Ministry in response to their applications after a while and Poyel was the one who was hired for the position.

Despite Neyes’ manipulations, they were to no avail, as Providence knew how to reward the one who deserved it in the end.


Is Poyel one of your Kabbalah guardian angels?

Did you know that according to the sunrise of the year, day and hour of birth of the exact place where you were born you have three guardian angels that correspond to:

  • Week of your birth (physical angel)
  • Day of birth (emotional angel)
  • Time of birth (mental angel)

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