Angel Number 54 Nithael

Angel Number 54 Nithael,

Number: 54
Tree of life: it is located in the sphere of Netzah and means “Eternity”
Planetary energies: Venus
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Zodiac Regency: from 25° to 30° Sagittarius, 22° Taurus, 3° Leo, 14° Libra, 28° Sagittarius and 9° Pisces
Meaning: “King of the heavens”
Prince: Archangel Haniel
Regency hours: from 17:40 to 18:00 hours

Angel 54 Nithael

  • Help eliminate death from your projects. It gives us emotional intelligence.
  • Nithael is invoked for legality in all matters, doing good and preservation of what is legitimate (that no one takes it away from us).
  • To keep the job we have, we protection from those who attempt against our authority.
  • Support in the requests made to the high spheres.
  • To represent everything that is feeling, affection, love and empathy.
  • Help to overcome the sufferings and frustrations of the affective life. Heals us from our emotional and love wounds.
  • Heal all diseases of effective origin.
  • Governs the arts and all that is beautiful.
  • A couple of problems are solved through its influence. e.

How to invoke the Angel Nithael (dates and times)

  • Schedule: 17:40 to 18:00
  • Regency Jewish calendar: Kislev 27 to Tevet 2, 5784
  • Regency gregorian calendar: December 10-14, May 12, July 25, October 6, December 21 and March 2
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Hebrew Letter Angel Nithael

Angel Number 54 Nithael,


Eliminate Death from My Projects

Psalm 16, Verse 5

Angel Number 54 Nithael,
The Lord is the portion of my inheritance and my chalice, you decide my fate!

Characteristics of people born under the regency of the Angel Nithael

  • Those born under its influence will be famous for everything they write and for their eloquence.
  • Will have a great reputation and will be distinguished by their merits and virtues, gaining confidence to occupy important positions in both government and business.
  • They will be destined to assume positions of command because of their broad vision to understand things and prevent all evil.
  • The personification of goodness, order, justice and correctness.
  • With a strong personality, he will be a channel for the angels on earth.
  • He will dominate the spiritual and metaphysical fields.
  • Gifted with faculties that will enable him to transform anything into reality.
  • Enthusiastically defend the good against evil and will be discreet, making judgments and offering spiritual guidance.
  • Different from a young age, he will stand out for his beauty and grace in walking, dressing and speaking.
  • His soul is resplendent and his regency is one of beauty and society. Professionally, he will tend to be a highly religious leader, lawyer, or doctor.
  • It could be a renowned artist who marks an epoch.
  • Their life could be marked for a long time as an employer or businessman, generating jobs even for family members.

Negative Aspects (Angel Qlifot 54)

Conspiracy, treachery and anger dominate. He will have a fearsome tongue, he will slander and he will bring about the ruin of enterprises and sacrifices and the humiliation of the less favored.

Legend of the Angel Nithael

“The Defeat of the Usurpers”

The Great Sovereign Axis left the kingdom of Netzaliah without a ruler after his demise. Because his son Nithael, who was the only legitimate heir to the throne, was not yet old enough to be in command. Due to this circumstance, the throne became vacant and several people expressed interest in occupying it.

Among them were his three cousins, who had been coveting power for some time and who, like vultures, were enjoying the passing of their uncle, the Sovereign Axis, as they foresaw to do so very soon to eat the “piece” that their cherished uncle had presented them on a platter.

Even less did Lu, Ci and Fer know their kinsman Nithael or the Axis Sovereign. They had spent their entire lives in the swampy regions where the powers of evil congregated to protect themselves from the light, their mortal enemy.

All three brothers again placed bets as they fought to be the evilest. Lu said to his brothers:

–”I will prove to you that I am far eviler than you.”

–You are wrong, Lu, because I will be the one to prove to you that I am the most horrible person in history,– replied Ci.

–Both of you are making a grave mistake; your wickedness is laughable compared to mine. I will show you which one is the evilest,– Fer continued.

So the three evil brothers set to work on their nefarious plan. They had decided to take the throne of Netzaliah and to do so they had to make young Nithael, the rightful heir of Netzaliah, disappear.

The three traitors wanted to send their most sincere condolences to their cousin, so they asked to be received by him on this occasion. After speaking with his advisors, Nitael decided to accept them.

Nitael was touched by the excellent role played by Lu, Ci and Fer, as they were masters of cunning and deception. Nithael asked them to stay in the palace for a few days to keep him company after observing his suffering.

The plan was working out just as they had planned and now they would have the opportunity to gain their cousin’s trust, the only thing missing to bring it to fruition.

It took Nithael only two days to fall into the trap. He had only recently scheduled a trip to the forest with his cousins. He was so ecstatic that he didn’t realize the danger he was in. This was the perfect opportunity for Lu, Ci and Fer to get rid of him.

Rolled to the ground after receiving a heavy blow to the head. The three assassins threw him over a chasm without realizing that he was already dead. They remained so calm.

Everyone believed them when they revealed the terrible accident their relative had suffered while returning home. The throne would be theirs once they maintained a period of orderly mourning.

However, fate is extremely cunning and what is written in it cannot be taken away from us so easily, as was the case with the three evildoers. They did not possess that throne, for it was not prophesied in the stars.

Nithael was the chosen one and after begging for nameless countries for three long years, a great sage one day revealed to him his destiny.

Now of age, Nithael returned to Netzaliah and asserted his royal authority. The three brothers, who had been arguing for three years over who was the worst, were expelled from the kingdom with the support of the people.

They could no longer prove themselves in Netzaliah.

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