Angel Number 51 Hahasiah

Angel Number 51 Hahasiah,

Number: 51
Tree of life: it is located in the sphere of Netzah and means “Eternity”
Planetary energies: Venus and Jupiter
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Zodiac Regency: from 10° to 15° Sagittarius, 19° Taurus, 0° Leo, 11° Libra, 25° Sagittarius and 6° Pisces
Meaning: “Hidden God”
Prince: Archangel Haniel
Regency hours: from 16:40 to 17:00 hours

Angel 51 Hahasiah

  • Linked to the mysteries and the occult, Hahasiah is invoked to obtain the wisdom of the occult and the exclusive mysteries of the celestial entities.
  • Those ruled by this angel are attracted by the knowledge that nature can grant.
  • It will give you help, strength and guidance.
  • It is also an angel of revelation, which means that it can help you to have visions of the future or reveal to you any deep and hidden wisdom that you want to know.
  • Those influenced by this Angel are especially protected against bad tendencies, to such an extent is the essence powerful, that whoever carries it can become a refuge for others.
  • It also dominates dreams and reveals hidden mysteries.
  • It will be through dreams that the Hahasiah individual will see and understand. They will not need anyone to interpret them, they will be able to do it themselves.
  • It helps you to get forgiveness for your past faults.

How to invoke the Angel Hahasiah (dates and times)

  • Schedule: 16:40 to 17:00
  • Regency Jewish calendar: Kislev 12-16, 5784
  • Regency gregorian calendar: November 25-29, May 9, July 22, October 3, December 18 and February 27
  • To learn how to invoke and meditate with the 72 Names of God visit the following link »

Hebrew Letter Angel Hahasiah

Angel Number 51 Hahasiah,


For Past Forgiveness (Teshuvah)

Psalm 104, Verse 31

Angel Number 51 Hahasiah,
Be the glory of the Lord forever; Rejoice, O Lord, in your works.

Characteristics of people born under the regency of the Angel Hahasiah

  • These people find in nature and all that surrounds them a tool to learn more about life and human behavior.
  • They tend to investigate and study beyond the answers that have already been stipulated by others, while in their emotional life they often seek new experiences that contribute positively to their spiritual fulfillment.
  • Those born under the tutelage of this angel try to achieve perfect harmony between body and soul, which is why they are extraordinary counselors. They are understanding, tolerant and affectionate.
  • Help to elevate the soul to God, contemplate Divine things and discover the mysteries through conscience and intelligence.
  • Works for peace among people. It knows that going through difficulty is a means to have access to the inner and outer divinity.
  • Simple tastes love nature and are attentive to details such as romanticism, painting, music, or perfumes.
  • The fascination of his poetic side flows easily. A letter or a simple drawing of a heart could be a manifestation of his angel.
  • Whoever is born under this influence will love sciences and will feel a special interest in knowing the properties and attributes of animals, plants and minerals.
  • Will be pure and creative and will lead his life with harmony through the light of protection that is in his heart.
  • Studious, he will learn the ways using his intuition and understanding of the Divine order in human structures.
  • Magicians, priests of esoteric sciences, will gain prestige and authority for lectures and conferences.
  • Will have revelations and learn from spiritualized readings.
  • It will be his own “Temple of the Mysteries”, his conscience, his priest, realizing the truth of God on Earth.
  • Professionally, all that is technology and inventions attract him because his gaze is directed to the future, besides this he has aptitudes for biological sciences and medicine.

Negative Aspects (Angel Qlifot 51)

Master of charlatanry and black magic. He will abuse people’s good faith with extraordinary promises, promising extraordinary things that he will not be able to fulfill, or using objects to convince them of his magic.

Legend of the Angel Hahasiah

“A fascinating find”

When talking about Vejur, everyone agreed that he was a peculiar young man. He followed his path and no one could predict his actions. Vejur enjoyed reading books the most while his friends were still playing in the street or the park.

Therefore, everyone was aware that it was enough to go to his favorite place, the library, to locate him. He found peace in the library, away from the daily commotion.

He spent more time within those confines than he did at home. He would spend hours and hours reading to find the solutions that would satiate his desire for knowledge.

Vejur had a keen interest in medicine from a very young age. He devoured texts on physiology, anatomy and pathology because he was fascinated by the mysteries of the human body.

Although he still had time left to finish his university studies, he did not let that stop him from satiating his intense curiosity. This motivated young man had a very clear sense of his vocation. When he grew up, he would dedicate his whole life to the sick and that made him happy. He would also become a renowned physician.

However, Vejur was still searching. He had been looking for solutions for a long time, but no book had provided him with any.

Why do we get sick? Why does one of two people on the same diet and receiving the same care stay healthy while the other does not? Why, despite using the same treatments, do some people recover and others do not?

These were many questions and none of the answers could calm his agitation.

Young Vejur once had a truly strange encounter while searching through a collection of old books for a medical text he could read. Unexpectedly, a book fell into his hands from the shelf and he had no idea how it had happened. The surprised boy took a glance at the instruction manual.

It was very old literature. He regretted that he could not interpret the Hebrew in the title, which was written there. He saw several drawings inside and suspected that the document was written in that language.

But then he was even more surprised. He had in his possession a treatise of Kabbalistic magic on the healing of the four bodies.

The young Vejur read, piqued by his attention, “Four bodies?”. Then he began to read.

—Hahasiah, the Eternal Servant of the Supreme, is the author of this manual. He faithfully transcribes the information given to him by their Majesties adhering to the wisdom and voice of the Seven Great Logos.

He kept looking at those lines without even blinking. Without realizing it, he was subtly living each letter and phrase as his face lit up more and more. He was reading intently.

His unknowns were coming to light. He now understood the real reasons why people get sick and recover. He was aware of the ten enormous Abode Centers of the Gods, which were hidden within each person and manifested in every bodily organ.

The young Vejur became interested in the Wonderful Secrets after learning about that intriguing book. As he grew up, he became a great physician and his name spread rapidly because he treated not only physical ailments but also those of the spirit, his sole ruler and master.

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