June´s Kabbalah Angels

Information and reference of the Kabbalah Angels of June, classified with Jewish and Gregorian calendars.

Angel 20 Pahaliah

Angel Number 20 Pahaliah

Angel 20 Pahaliah emerges as a radiant beacon in the spiritual journey. Embodying the vigor of the spirit, he serves as solace for the soul, a navigator on the path toward liberation from bondage and a compass in the exploration of morality, redemption and connection with the creator.

Angel 19 Leuviah

Angel Number 19 Leuviah

Leuviah, an angel whose name resonates with strength and grace, is the 19th in the hierarchy of 72 angels according to Kabbalah. This heavenly guardian not only embraces forgiveness but also strengthens intelligence and memory, guiding souls to the understanding of their divine mission.

Angel 18 Caliel

Angel Number 18 Caliel

Angel 18 Caliel, known as the Angel of Light, Truth and Procreation, is a powerful figure in the Kabbalistic tradition. This divine angel nourishes the human spirit, bestows powers of procreation and brings clarity and truth in times of uncertainty. Caliel is invoked to help those seeking to expand their family, as well as to find justice in difficult legal situations.

Ángel 17 Lauviah

Angel Number 17 Lauviah

Lauviah, the 17th Angel in the Kabbalistic tradition, is a heavenly light on our path of self-discovery and liberation from the ego. This angel urges us to get rid of self-imposed barriers and to seek a broader and more altruistic vision of life. It guides us in times of confusion, gives us revealing dreams, and provides balance to our emotions and thoughts.

Angel 16 Hekamiah

Angel Number 16 Hekamiah

Hekamiah is recognized as the 16th Angel. Blessed with a vast wealth of imagination, it is capable of realizing the highest spiritual archetypes in ways that we can perceive. Its powerful and bright light serves as a beacon for those who decide to embark on the spiritual journey. It is the personification of pure wisdom, keen intuition and deep sensitivity.

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