Angel Number 19 Leuviah

Angel Number 19 Leuviah,

Number: 19
Tree of Life: Sphere of Bina “Understanding”
Planetary energies: Saturn and Jupiter
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Zodiac Regency: 0° to 5° Cancer, 18° Aries, 30° Gemini, 10° Virgo, 24° Scorpio and 5° Aquarius
Meaning: “God who helps sinners”
Prince: Archangel Tsaphkiel
Regency hours: 06:00 to 06:20

Angel 19 Leuviah: Custodian of Forgiveness and Guide in the Search for Our Divine Purpose

Among the 72 angels that make up the heavenly hierarchy according to Kabbalah, Leuviah, number 19, shines specially. In an attempt to understand his essence more fully, we can meditate on his name in Hebrew and, by his moments of daily regency, recite his Psalm.

This practice has been discovered as an effective means of encouraging a deep and direct connection with Divinity.

Leuviah is renowned primarily for his unparalleled capacity for forgiveness. This angel dominates the spheres of intelligence and memory, strengthening these capacities in those who invoke him authentically. This remarkable influence can grant followers divine grace, allowing them to experience deeper forgiveness and understanding.

Leuviah plays a protective and healing role in our physical body and our health. Through their influence, we obtain significant help in caring for our general health and well-being, strengthening our resilience and recovery from diseases.

It helps to manifest the divine will on Earth, guiding people to discover their main mission in this incarnation. This connection to divinity provides invaluable clarity in the search for our vital purpose.

The prayers addressed to Leuviah are heard and answered at the speed of light. The 19th angel of the Kabbalah ensures effective and timely spiritual communication, acting as a bridge between humans and Divinity. In this way, Leuviah reveals herself not only as an angel of forgiveness and intelligence but also as a messenger of divine answers.

How to invoke the Angel Leuviah (dates and times)

  • Schedule: 06:00 to 06:20
  • Jewish calendar regency: 12 to 16 Sivan, 5784
  • Gregorian calendar regency: June 18 to 22, April 7, June 18, August 29, November 9 and January 20

Dates indicated refer to the year of regency approximately to the year 2024. The physical angel determines the position of the Sun by quinary (set of five degrees) in your birth chart. The emotional angel by the position of the sun by zodiac degree and the mental angel depends on the actual local time of birth. A precise calculation is needed. If you are interested in actually discovering your birth angels corresponding to the day of your birth, click here

Angel Number 19 Leuviah,

Hebrew Letter Angel Leuviah

Angel Number 19 Leuviah,


Connect with the Creator

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Psalm 40, Verse 2

Angel Number 19 Leuviah,
Waiting I waited on the Lord and he leaned over me and heard my cry for help.

Under the Light of Leuviah: Unique Profile of Those Born Under the Regency of the Angel 19 of Kabbalah

Those born under the regency of this angel have distinctive characteristics that differentiate them and give them a unique place in the human mosaic.

The Leuviah protected are people of remarkable intelligence and understanding, dedicating their lives to promoting the well-being of others. In them, fertility is a constant presence, evidenced by their creative spirit and their drive to undertake projects with originality and dedication. This makes them natural leaders, capable of guiding others with vision and enthusiasm.

The changes do not represent an obstacle for them but rather, their high capacity for adaptation allows them to face transitions and new situations positively, thus favoring the advancement of their plans and ideals.

They stand out for their kindness, joviality and modesty both in words and in their way of being. In the face of adversity, they show exemplary patience and resignation, since they understand that these challenges are ways of growth and evolution, both material and spiritual.

Their curiosity is insatiable, they are always willing to learn from all experiences. They have a remarkable cultural refinement, with an inclination towards music, poetry and the arts in general.

One of the most surprising aspects is the angelic protection they enjoy against adversaries or entities that seek to harm them. This protection is manifested as a great wall of etheric light, invisible to the eyes of the common observer.

These people have an enviable command over the events of their lives, achieving divine grace by remaining firm and determined in the fight for their ideals. They are eloquent, creative, original and bold, capable of facing any situation, no matter how difficult it may seem.

Memory is one of their greatest gifts, a virtue that, combined with their persistence, makes it easier for them to achieve their goals. It’s common to find these people excelling in fields such as literature and science.

In the professional field, they are attracted to activities related to archaeology, museums and the preservation of the memory of the past through books and archives. As hobbies, they might lean towards making objects to connect with angels or creating manuals to develop and strengthen memory. All of this shows his innate link with the angel Leuviah and its impact on the richness of his existence.

The Dark Side of Qliphoth Angel Number 19: Duke Sallos

A towering figure in the hierarchy of the 72 Demons of King Solomon, he holds the nineteenth position with a formidable dominion over 30 legions of infernal entities. His sphere of influence primarily extends towards the realm of love and interpersonal relationships, where he wields a uniquely persuasive power.

On the other hand, this demonic duke possesses the unique ability to foster love between men and women, acting as a catalyst for the awakening of sexual desire and the revival of the deepest passions. Additionally, Sallos is distinguished by promoting loyalty and fidelity among partners, an atypical quality for a being of his nature, underscoring the complexity of his character and the breadth of his power.

Visually, Sallos presents himself as a brave and attractive soldier, a vision that evokes both respect and admiration. His demeanor is enhanced by the distinction of a ducal crown, symbolizing his elevated status among demons. Intriguingly, he chooses as his mount a crocodile, an animal that symbolizes cunning, strength, and the ability to navigate through deep emotions, thus reflecting the facets of his dominion in love and human relationships.

Duke Sallos stands as an entity of great power within the demonic pantheon, specializing in matters of the heart with a skill that transcends the ordinary. His influence is not limited to igniting the flames of desire but extends to fostering a deep and lasting commitment between souls, marking a notable exception in the realm of the supernatural.

Legend of Leuviah: Memoirs of an Eternal Soul

In a land where dreams take shape and shadows tell stories, there lived a young man named Leuviah, blessed with all the joys a young heart could wish for. In his life, the warmth of a family that loved him resounded and the joy of comrades with whom he shared laughter and a sense of admiration that emanated from his peers at school.

However, deep down in his being, a gloom clouded his happiness. His memory was as fragile as a whisper in the wind; what he learned with effort vanished like a mist at dawn. His dismay did not lie in the hard task of studying but in the absence of memories of his early childhood, as if a dark veil covered the golden days of his childhood.

Leuviah saw himself as a ship without an anchor and every time a memory escaped his fingers like grains of sand, a piece of his soul cried in silence. Although carelessness and oblivion eroded his relationship with his friends, no one knew that he was subject to the most severe punishment.

The nights were an ordeal where nightmares cast shadows in his mind. However, one night, the veil between the worlds was torn and Leuviah sailed through the ether of Dreams to an encounter that would transform her soul.

He found himself in a kingdom of darkness only illuminated by a solitary candle that danced to the beat of eternal silence. Before him, a reflection is an image of himself but worn out over the years. This spectral reflection wielded a sword and with a final gesture plunged it into his chest.

Leuviah backed away in horror but a voice as soft as silk calmed his spirit. “Examine what lies before you,” the voice whispered. With trembling hands, he watched as a scorching light emerged from his fallen double, a divine spark.

Guided by this light, Leuviah was led along ethereal paths to an ancient sage, whose presence was like a sea of stars. The wise man revealed that in a past life, Leuviah had succumbed to despair and had interrupted her path and that her fractured memory was the consequence of a soul that yearned for redemption and understanding.

The wise man then showed Leuviah how that brilliant light, his soul, returned to the wheel of existence in a cycle of renewal and growth. “Although in your rebirth you may forget, your soul retains its wisdom. Do not defy the flow of life” warned the wise man with a view as deep as the ocean.

Leuviah woke up to the sunrise caressing her face. The encounter in the Realm of Dreams left an indelible imprint on his spirit. With a serene smile, he understood that although some memories might fade, his soul was still a beacon in the immensity of existence. In it resided the true memory, an eternal flame that would never be extinguished.

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