Angel Number 23 Melahel

Angel Number 23 Melahel,

Number: 23
Tree of Life: Bina’s sphere “understanding”
Planetary energies: Saturn and Mercury
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Zodiac Regency: 20° to 25° Cancer, 22° Aries, 3° Cancer, 14° Virgo, 28° Scorpio and 9° Aquarius
Meaning: “God who delivers from evil”
Prince: Archangel Tsaphkiel
Regency hours: 07:20 to 07:40

Angel 23: Melahel, The Divine Purifier

Melahel, this luminous angelic presence, is our guide on the sublime path to the purification of the soul, leading us to the heavenly embrace of the Creator. The light that emanates from Melahel is not only a beacon of enlightenment but an energy vortex that channels the very essence of thought, uniting the active and passive hemispheres of our mind, from the clarity of intellectual understanding to the creative spark that springs from our words.

This angel, magnanimous in his wisdom, gives us unparalleled insight, opening us to an understanding of the laws that govern the universe. It helps us to find meaning in our experiences and, crucially, to understand our tikun, the corrections that we must undertake in our life and soul.

Melahel is also a channel of healing energy, a source of life that permeates through all existing natural healing methods. Its presence is a balm for the body and spirit, a catalyst for healing through medicinal plants.

This protective angel is often invoked at times when we go on trips, offering us his protection. It protects us from any damage that may arise, being a shield against weapons and possible attacks.

In addition, Melahel has the gift of bringing prosperity to the fields, encouraging rain and ensuring the fertility of the land. It gives us the courage to undertake risky tasks, and it becomes our guardian against infections, infections and diseases.

In the public and political fields, Melahel is our protective shield, guaranteeing our safety in all our activities. And, as if their generosity knew no bounds, it also allows us to receive abundance for our work, rewarding our efforts with prosperity.

This is Melahel, an angel who enlightens, purifies, heals and protects, guiding us on our journey to fullness and divine understanding.

Angel Invocation Guide 23 Melahel: Appropriate Dates and Times

  • Schedule: 07:20 to 07:40
  • Regency Jewish calendar: Tammuz 2-6, 5784
  • Regency Gregorian calendar: July 8-12, April 11, June 24, June 24, September 5, November 20 and January 30
    → The dates indicated refer to the regency year 2023. If you are interested in discovering your birth angels corresponding to the day of your birth, click here ↵
  • For detailed learning on how to invoke and meditate with the 72 Names of God, please visit the link provided below >>

Hebrew Letter Angel 23 Melahel

Angel Number 23 Melahel,


Purifying the Soul

Psalm 118, Verse 24

Angel Number 23 Melahel,
This is the day that the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

Those born and enlightened under the rule of the Angel 23 Melahel

Those who were born under the divine tutelage of the Angel Melahel have sharp minds, a deep sense of discipline, and an altruistic spirit that impels them to unravel the mysteries of nature, in order to extract their blessings and share these discoveries with the world.

They are courageous and sincere to the point of recklessness, qualities that can sometimes be misinterpreted as arrogance or tactlessness. However, its strength lies in its authenticity and its untamable courage.

Melahel’s gifts of healing and wellness are reflected in his proteges, who possess special talents in fields such as medicine and spiritual healing. Their keen intelligence and inquisitive spirit position them as great teachers and advisors, sharing their wisdom both physically and spiritually.

The people guided by Melahel show a particular preference for order and structure. Their dedication to their obligations is unwavering and they always do their duty. They master the art of communication, being able to express their feelings clearly, even though they may be shy and introverted at first.

They often experience deep premonitions, a form of intuition that provides them with guidance and vision. Professionally, they may find success as botanists, biologists, physiotherapists, biochemists or as writers specializing in the virtues of plants and the gifts of nature.

For them, nature is not only a field of study but also a home. They can find joy and peace by growing exotic or medicinal plants on farms or estates, creating their own earthly paradise a reflection of their connection with Melahel, their guiding Angel.

Shaded Aspects (Qlifot Ángel 23)

In the context of the Qliphoth Tree, the negative aspects of an entity often contrast dramatically with its positive aspects. The Angel Qlifot 23, for example, is a figure that can exercise dominion over the darkest and most dangerous aspects of human existence.

Instead of truth and sincerity, this Qliphoth angel can favor lies, deception and charlatanism, taking advantage of the naivety or vulnerability of others for selfish benefits. Your ability to manipulate nature’s knowledge may lead you to misuse it, abusing your power for unethical or even harmful purposes.

This Qliphotic angel may be associated with the formation and maintenance of sects that promote the abuse of harmful substances, selling false promises of enlightenment or salvation in exchange for addiction and perdition. Their influence may encourage the sale of so-called “miracle potions” which in reality offer nothing more than false hope and potentially harmful consequences.

In addition, it can be linked to the spread of venereal diseases, turning an act of intimacy into a source of pain and suffering. Likewise, their manipulation of nature can lead to the production and trafficking of harmful plants and substances, contributing to addiction and the degradation of people’s physical and mental health.

It should be remembered, however, that the study and understanding of these dark aspects should not be an invitation to participation or acceptance but rather a reminder of the dangers that exist when divine energies and knowledge are diverted or corrupted. It’s always crucial to seek balance, wisdom and kindness, and to strive to act ethically and responsibly.

Legend of the Angel Melahel: The Wonder of Healing Herbs

With hope on the brink of the abyss, Angel’s parents were worn out by the cruel illness that afflicted their precious child. The most renowned doctors in the city had tried to help but the boy’s condition was not improving. Impotence consumed them and their optimism faded with each sunrise.

His mother, a woman of unshakable faith, kept on begging God for her son’s health. His little boy’s life was slipping through his fingers and his inability to stop him caused him indescribable agony. Unexpectedly, a stranger broke into the tranquility of the town, causing shock because of its unique appearance.

The newcomer only carried a bundle that he jealously guarded, indicating the valuable cargo it should contain. In the square, the epicenter of community life, his ears caught a whisper that left him restless.

Two women were talking about Doña Marta, Angel’s mother, and her despondency. The stranger learned of the boy’s serious illness and the apparent impossibility of doctors to cure him. Moved, he felt compelled to intervene.

—Sorry, ladies, I couldn’t help but hear the story of the sick little one. I would like to visit him, could you tell me where he lives?

Although surprised and suspicious, the women couldn’t resist the honesty that their eyes exuded.

—At the end of this street, he lives, a good man.— Without further delay, the stranger set out to his destination. An emaciated woman opened the door after his insistent call.

—Madam, are you the mother of the sick child? — the traveler asked.

— Who are you? How did you know?

—Don’t be afraid. I am Melahel, a simple traveler who passed by here and feels the desire to help.

— How could I do that? Are you a doctor? — the mother asked skeptically.

—I was guided to this town by an inner voice that urged me to collect these medicinal plants, assuring that they would help someone recover their health. I think that someone is his son.

His words were an extraordinary gift that inspired renewed hope in the mother’s heart. The herbs turned out to be the miracle remedy that finally cured the child, returning joy to his home.

Since then, everyone in town remembers the singular traveler, the bearer of healing wonders and a connoisseur of nature’s healing powers.

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