Number: 23
Tree of Life: is located in the Bina “understanding” sphere
Meaning: “God who delivers from evil”
Prince: Archangel Tsaphkiel
Regency hours: from 07:20 to 07:40 (from sunrise that day)
Regency (Jewish calendar): 16 to 20 of Tamúz 5780
Regency (Gregorian calendar) ↓ 8 to 12 July 2020. Other regency days in the year 2020: April 11, June 22, September 2, November 13 and January 24, 2021
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Angel 23 Melahel

  • Melahel channels the light of thought, both in its passive aspect of intellectual understanding and lucidity, and in its active aspect of creation through the word.
  • He confers great understanding and lucidity. It activates the understanding of the universal laws.
  • It gives us meaning to our experiences and above all, understanding the meaning of our tikun (corrections).
  • Channels the power of healing through all natural healing methods.
  • The angel Melahel is often invoked to receive protection on journeys.
  • Also to avoid being hurt or injured in any way by weapons.
  • It protects against firearms, against possible attacks.
  • Healing through medicinal plants.
  • Fertility in the fields, encouraging rain.
  • Daring to undertake risky operations.
  • Protects against contagion, infection and disease.
  • Protection in political and public activities.
  • Receive abundance for our work.

How to invoke the Angel Melahel

The invocation of the Angel Melahel must be between 7:20 and 7:40 (from sunrise on that day)

To invoke his strength and power, first pray Psalm 118, Verse 24, then call his name and finally make the specific request you want to make to him.

It is recommended that petitions as thanks be made on days when the moon is in its rising phases, it is not appropriate to do so even at full moon and avoid the waning moon altogether. For very important requests preferably learn how to use your schedule.

Born under the regency to the Angel Melahel

  • These are intelligent, disciplined and altruistic individuals who are committed to researching nature in order to make good use of it and share their knowledge with humanity.
  • On the other hand, those born under the tutelage of this angel are characterized by courage, recklessness and sincerity, which is why they can sometimes be shocking or arrogant.
  • The main attributes of this angel are related to healing and health, for this reason it is necessary that people ruled by this angel possess great qualities in fields such as medicine and healing at the spiritual level.
  • Their intelligence and research ability makes them great teachers and counselors, because they not only use their virtues on a physical level but also spiritually.
  • It is absolutely correct, likes to see everything placed in order. They never neglect their duty.
  • He has a mastery of communication. He expresses his feelings clearly, even though he may sometimes be shy and introverted at first contact.
  • Has strong premonitions.
  • Professionally he will be successful as a botanist, biologist, phytotherapist, biochemist, writer of books on the virtues of plants and activities related to nature.
    As a hobby, he will be able to live on farms, growing exotic or medicinal plants.

Negative aspects of the Angel Melahel

He masters lies, charlatanism and the misuse of knowledge of nature. He may join sects that encourage drug abuse, sell miracle potions, facilitate the spread of venereal diseases, grow noxious plants or traffic in drugs.

Psalm of invocation Angel Melahel

“This is the day the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.”

Psalm 118:24

Angel Melahel “The Healing Plants”

Angel’s parents were already on the verge of despair. The disease their only son was suffering from was consuming them mentally. They had consulted the best doctors in the city and in spite of that, their son was not getting any better.

They no longer knew what to do, or where to turn. The little hope they had left was dying.

His mother – a woman of deep faith – did not stop praying to God for her son’s health. She saw that life was slipping away from her, and her helplessness in not being able to avoid it made her suffer deeply.

One morning, a traveller arrived unexpectedly in the village and his clothes attracted a lot of attention.

His only baggage was a bundle, but its contents must have been of great value to the newcomer, since he carefully guarded it. Very close to the square, where the villagers usually met. The traveler could hear a conversation that caused him a strange sensation.

Those two women were commenting on the sadness of Doña Marta, Angel’s mother. She knew that her son had been ill for months and that his illness was a mystery to the doctors, who had not been able to cure him, and were very much afraid that he would die.

As soon as she knew those details, she couldn’t help but interfere in the conversation.

– Ladies, forgive me. I have unwittingly heard what was said about a sick child, and I would like to pay him a visit. Could you tell me where he lives?

Both ladies were surprised, and looking at him from head to toe, they felt mistrust, however. When their throws crossed, those clear eyes dispelled all doubt.

– Yes, my good man, he lives at the end of this street.

And without delay, that stranger was already on his way to fulfilling his objective. He knocked several times at the door and was greeted by a sad-looking lady.

– Are you the mother of the sick boy? – asked the mysterious traveller.

– Yes, but who are you? How do you know?

– You must not be alarmed. I am Melahel, a humble traveler who is passing through and who wants to help you, if you allow me to be clear.

– And how can you do that? Are you a doctor? – I question the mother without much confidence.

– A voice inside me has guided my steps to this village. She told me to take these medicinal herbs because they would serve to restore someone’s health, and I think that person is her son.

Those words had a miraculous gift. I had given him back a spark of hope, and it was not just that, because those herbs healed his son for good. The joy would be complete.

From that day on, everyone would remember the strange traveler, from whom they learned the healing properties of plants and their wonderful effects.

** About the days of the regency of the Angel 23 Melahel

The published dates are modified every year and are related when the Angel 23 Melahel is in charge in the year 2020-2021 and not the date when you were born.

Angels do not have a fixed regency date (it changes every year) and their beginning is determined by the 0º degree of Aries. Therefore it always changes, like the days of birth that are not always the same day of the month. Is that understood?

If it was not calculated correctly in the year you were born, the precise time of sunrise, winter and summer time (where there is this condition) has the wrong numbers and names of your guardian angels.

If you want to know the exact numbers and names of your birth angels you can request our services of precise manual calculation…

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