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The Sitra Ajra padlock

The Sitra Ajra padlock

Sitra Ajra is known as the uncrowned Malchut in Kabbalah; it is the desire to receive but, in a sense, not receive the same in return. Three emotions impede the emanations of Kether, and I refer to them as the lock of Sitra Ajra.

Characters that help you to progress

Characters that help you to progress

We can identify a series of stages in our individual “hero’s journey”. We must embrace many symbolic archetypes to navigate each of them. Would you like to learn about their traits and integration strategies?

Our demons, our shadow


Our shadow is a part of the unconscious that complements our ego and represents the aspects of our conscious personality that we do not want to know, that we reject and that we forget or banish to the back of our mind, only to discover later in conflicts with other people.

Ostracism Psychology

Ostracismo / Ostracism

Ostracism is the practice of refusing to participate in public life, either voluntarily or as a result of external pressure. The idea has its origins in the Greek language, where ostracism was a form of political punishment that consisted of expelling a person from his or her community after a vote in an assembly.

Stop creating problems

Deja de causar problemas / Stop causing problems

Will I be a bad person? Sometimes we somehow cause something unpleasant to ruin us instead of trying to change it into something great or learn from it. How? This happens because we are not able to respond to the circumstance in the best possible way.