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Archetypal Symbolism of Blood

Los lazos de sangre en el lenguaje arquetípico / The ties of blood in the archetypal language

What does blood symbolize in our lives? Discover how blood ties establish an energetic and vital connection and how blood loss represents an evident loss of energy. Explore the archetypal symbolism of blood in our relationships and in the universe!

Dunning Kruger Effect

Efecto Dunning Kruger / Dunning Kruger effect

Have you ever encountered people who seem to lack the necessary skills to perform a particular task? This phenomenon is known as the Dunning Kruger effect and is more common than one might think. At times these individuals can even overestimate their capabilities without realizing their incompetence.

How to Find Male Identity?

masculinity / masculinidad

What would happen if we looked beyond gender stereotypes and recognized the importance of men in our lives? It is time to reflect on the positive impact they have had on our growth and development. From our fathers to our mentors all of them have left their mark on our story.

Are you the kind of person who cannot keep a secret?

chismes / gossip

Who has not experienced that feeling of wanting to share a great tidbit of gossip with someone? The urge to share news, good or bad, that affects us or others is something we’ve all experienced at one time or another. The need to connect with others through stories is an innate feature of the human condition.

How can I let go of resentment?

forgive / perdonar

Resentment can cause illness, so how can we release it. Today we want to talk to you about the difference between forgiveness and apology. Yes, these concepts are different, and you probably think they have to do with forgetting, but it is not so.

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