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Women choose not to have children

Mujeres que deciden no tener hijos / Women choose not to have children

Being a mother is a blessing that unfortunately, not all women have; however, this is not an argument to “force” those who can, to be one. There are many reasons why a woman decides not to become a mother, and that is a highly personal matter in which no one has the right to have an opinion.

Unresolved problems and relationships

unsolved issues and relationships / problemas no resueltos y relaciones

The unresolved issues may cause you to be attracted to people who are not good partners for you and not be attracted to those who might be. They make it dangerous to trust your instincts because they make things that are wrong for you seem right.

Contemptuous Personality Psychology

personalidad despectiva psicologia / dismissive personality psychology

Behind the contemptuous personality, there is more than just disdain. A desire to offend or belittle the achievements of others. In recent years, a behavior that, until recently, was somewhat neglected in the field of psychology, has been investigated in depth.

Shabbat Pinchas is a very powerful Shabbat

Shabbat Pinjas

As we have spoken about many times before, Shabbat Pinchas is a very powerful Shabbat – not just for healing, as has been discussed, but it’s also an important time to both connect to and understand what we’re connecting to, during what is called the “three weeks.”

Awakening in the era of megachanger

Despertar en la era del megacambio / Awakening in the era of megachanger

Waking up in this time of mega-change is unlike any other time. We need new tools and updated perspectives to navigate these times. Understand the challenges we face and learn some benefits of being alive right now in this era.

Psalm 16

descubrir el nombre de un ladrón / discover the name of a thief

Know the Magic Power of Psalm Number 16. The Psalms are very powerful prayers in themselves; however, the result of our request will always depend on our faith. Therefore, it is necessary to put all our efforts into asking with faith that heaven will grant our supplications.