The Psychology of Esotericism and Mysticism delves into the deep bond between the human mind and the mystical. This branch examines how esoteric beliefs and mystical experiences influence our psyche, uncovering an intriguing intersection of science and spirituality.

The Abandoned Child Syndrome: A Silent Wound

Síndrome del Niño Abandonado / Abandoned Child Syndrome

While not officially recognized in many medical manuals, abandoned child syndrome is a tangible and painful reality many individuals grapple with. It transcends mere physical absence. It’s a profound lack of emotional and affectionate response that leaves lasting imprints on an individual’s psychological development, influencing their ability to connect with and trust others in their adult life.


Dunning Kruger Effect

Efecto Dunning Kruger / Dunning Kruger effect

Have you ever encountered people who seem to lack the necessary skills to perform a particular task? This phenomenon is known as the Dunning Kruger effect and is more common than one might think. At times these individuals can even overestimate their capabilities without realizing their incompetence.