Tell me how you smoke…

Tell me how you smoke…,

Smoking is a harmful habit to health and it is increasingly difficult to do it in private places, but it also has much more to say about the smoker’s personality than we imagine.

If you tell me how you smoke, I will tell you what you are like

Smokers’ habits reveal a lot about themselves, including the image they want to give to others and their current state of mind. Even their personality and origins can be deduced from the way they hold their cigarette.

In today’s world, many people still use tobacco as a means of relieving stress. Nicotine helps control anxiety.

It is believed that when someone inhales a cigarette, they unconsciously remember the sensation of sucking on their mother’s breast and experience a sense of security and comfort. Whether or not this Freudian theory is accurate, the fact remains that a person’s smoking behavior can reveal his or her level of anxiety, anger, or superiority.

Non-verbal communication

Nonverbal communication can also be influenced by the smoker’s facial, body and hand gestures, as well as the direction and speed with which he or she exhales smoke.

People who are optimistic, self-confident, or who feel superior to others, for example, exhale upward. However, people who are negative or who are trying to hide something exhale downward.

For example, if our interlocutor exhales smoke downward in a professional environment, it indicates that he is not interested in the project or has decided not to participate in it. His behavior will be hostile and will indicate his anger if he also lowers his head.

The smoker exhales smoke more quickly and with greater confidence. However, the more negative he feels, the faster he will exhale it downward.

Aspects related to the smoker

It is considered disrespectful to blow smoke in someone’s face.

The act of hitting the ashtray with the cigarette reveals uncertainty and fear.

When someone blows smoke upward, it usually indicates that they are happy, excited, or even approachable. It is also a sign that someone is trying to project confidence. Be careful because self-centered personalities often do this.

He is in a disturbed state of mind and does not want to admit that someone is smoking downstairs. At that point, it’s best to leave him alone. Surely other gestures indicating concern or discomfort will accompany this movement of exhaling the smoke downstairs.

The act of starting a cigarette and putting it out before finishing it expresses discomfort and a desire to leave.

Smoke coming out of the nose is a sign of someone who is extremely self-confident and self-controlled. It is typical of charismatic leaders and people who are experts in their fields.

Whoever smokes, on the one hand, from the mouth is probably not very upright or obedient.

The faster the cigarette is consumed, the person is not too calm and serene. The person who exhales the smoke slowly, on the other hand, is relaxed or tries to relax.

With information from ABC Spain

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