Tell me how you smoke…

Tell me how you smoke…,

The habit of smoking, despite increasingly stringent restrictions in private spaces and obvious harm to health, has become a silent but revealing language of the personality of those who practice it.

The silent language of smoking: What the way you smoke reveals about personality and emotional state

The way someone smokes can communicate much more than you think, from the image they want to project to their emotional state at that moment. Even the way a cigarette or cigar is held can reveal personality traits and cultural background.

In today’s society, smoking continues to be a refuge for many people seeking to alleviate the stress inherent in modern life. Nicotine has become an anxiety management mechanism for many.

It is said that inhaling cigarette smoke unconsciously evokes the sensation of sucking the mother’s breast which generates a sense of relaxation and security. Although this Freudian thinking can be the subject of debate, the truth is that the way in which a person smokes can indicate if they are nervous, angry or if they have an attitude of superiority.

The smoker’s non-verbal communication goes beyond the gestures of the hands, body and face. The direction and speed with which you breathe out the smoke also play an important role in your body language.

People with a positive attitude and high self-confidence tend to breathe the smoke upwards, demonstrating their safety and superiority. On the other hand, those who try to hide something or are pessimistic, expel the smoke downwards, revealing their lack of confidence.

In the business environment, if our partner exhales the smoke downwards, it may be a sign of disinterest in the project or that he has decided not to participate in it. In addition, if you lower your head, your attitude may be considered hostile and reflect your anger.

The speed with which smoke is exhaled is also significant. The faster you exhale upwards, the more confident the smoker will feel. Conversely, a quick downward exhalation may indicate a negative and pessimistic attitude.

Deciphering smoking behavior: An analysis based on their smoking topography

The act of smoking goes beyond simply inhaling and exhaling smoke. Every gesture, every direction in which the smoke is expelled, reveals details about the personality and mood of the smoker.

When a puff of smoke is thrown at another person, it is a derogatory gesture, a sign of contempt. Meanwhile, hitting the cigarette in the ashtray denotes nervousness and insecurity.

Exhaling smoke upwards is typical of people who are in a good mood, enthusiastic and even looking to stand out and attract attention. However, it can also indicate a self-centered personality.

On the other hand, exhaling the smoke downwards reveals an altered mood and a lack of willingness to communicate. In these cases, it is best to leave the person alone since it will probably be accompanied by other gestures of concern or annoyance.

Lighting a cigarette and extinguishing it before finishing it shows uneasiness and a desire to get away from the situation. Whereas exhaling smoke through the nose is indicative of a person who is sure of himself, with great self-control, characteristics typical of charismatic leaders and determined people.

However, those who blow smoke from the side of their mouths may not be considered very correct or loyal.

The speed with which a cigarette is consumed also reveals details about the emotional state. Rapid consumption indicates a lack of tranquility and serenity, while a slow exhalation indicates relaxation or a search for it.

In conclusion, the smoker’s topography reveals valuable information about their personality and emotional state. Every gesture, direction and speed at which smoke is exhaled can be interpreted as a window into the smoker’s inner world.

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