According to the sunrise of the year, day and hour of birth of the exact place where you were born, it is necessary to make a manual calculation to know with precise accuracy the names and numbers of the angels of your birth.

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Kabbalah Birth Angels

At birth you are assigned three Angels:

  1. One for the physical world (week of birth), he will assist us in all matters pertaining to the material world.
  2. The second angel (day of birth) protects us and will help us in the emotional state.
  3. The third angel (hour of birth) assists you in all mental matters
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  1. Astrological Chart (graphic) – Solar, Lunar and Ascendant Signs
  2. Life Tree (graphic) – Path Orientation (Evolutionary and Involutionary)
  3. Numbers and exact names of your birth angels
  4. Zodiacal rulership in astrological degrees.
  5. Planetary energies.
  6. Name and correct letter of invocation.
  7. Psalm of invocation (Hebrew).
  8. Description of each angel.
  9. Characteristics of those born under the regency of each angel.
  10. Negative aspects of the opposite angel (Klifot).
  11. Story and history of each angel.
  12. Invocation and request of help correctly of the angels and history of each one of them.

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