Angels According to Your Date of Birth

Who is My Guardian Angel,
At the moment of your birth, you are under the guardianship of three regent angels (physical, emotional and mental), assigned based on the exact hour and date of your birth, as well as the precise geographical location of this event. To determine their names and numbers, a precise manual calculation is necessary.

The Angels of the Kabbalah

Guardians of our physical, emotional and mental aspects

From the day you were born, these three angels have been by your side, assisting in every physical, emotional and mental stage of your life. That is their mission, even if you are unaware of it! The time has come to reveal three crucial truths about them.

  1. The angel of the physical plane (week of your birth) assists you in material matters including health, safety, physical love, work and money.
  2. The angel of the emotional aspect (the day you were born) watches over your emotional needs and is prepared to protect and assist you during emotional challenges, including love, your moods and disappointments.
  3. Finally, the angel of the mental plane (the hour you were born) provides support in all matters related to the evolution and understanding of problems, discernment and the search for solutions.

By knowing exactly who these angels are, you can learn to invoke them correctly. Imagine being able to meditate with them and expose your situations or internal states, receiving their guidance and protection every step of your life.

Discover their secrets and transform your life today!

  1. Name of each angel
  2. Meaning
  3. Position in the Tree of Life
  4. Archangel Ruler
  5. Planetary energies: (complete)
  6. Zodiac sign
  7. Schedule
  8. Rulership in the zodiac 2024 (exact)
  9. Rulership in universal time (UTC) 2024 (exact)
  10. Description, characteristic and personality
  11. Counterpart in the Tree of Qliphoth
  12. Legend
  13. Meditation letter
  14. Meditation psalm

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Who is My Guardian Angel,

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