Who is my guardian angel according to my birthday?

Angels, those heavenly beings full of light and love, are a significant part of the faith of many religions.

Discover the names of your guardian angels

How the 72 angels of the Kabbalah can guide you to success and happiness according to your birth date

Working to help us fulfill our divine mission and the will of God, these celestial beings are always by our side, offering us protection, knowledge, wisdom and comfort in our daily lives.

From guiding us in wise decisions to encouraging us to seek our purpose and mission in life, angels offer us unconditional support at every step.

According to kabbalah and date of birth, we are assigned three protective angels who guide and protect us throughout our physical, emotional and mental lives.

Discovering their names and numbers is easy: you need to determine the sunrise, the day, the time and the exact place where you were born, and the angels of the cabala will do the rest!

Request the name of my birth angels

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