All the souls at birth have been assigned three Regent Angels according to the sunrise, day and hour of birth of the exact place where we were born and to know their names and number we have to make a manual calculation.

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Kabbalah Angels

The angels act through the sefirot – the Tree of Life within each sephirah – and their planetary correspondences. But above all, on our plane, through the matrix and zodiacal degrees.

In this way each person gets three guardian angels – guides and protectors – in correspondence with his three aspects: physical, emotional and mental.

Physical, emotional and mental Kabbalah Angels

  1. One for the physical world, he will assist us in all matters concerning the material world (money, physical love, profession, health, safety, etc.)
  2. The second angel will protect and help us in the emotional state (love, moods, emotional needs, disappointments, etc.)
  3. The third angel who will always assist us in all mental matters (evolution, finding explanations for problems, knowing how to discern, finding solutions, etc.)

The three angelic beings can be invoked at any time of the day and at any hour to dialogue or to expose situations or internal states that you believe convenient.

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