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Kabbalah Weekly Astrology

Almas gemelas / Soulmates

This week, as the final days of Leo burn bright, our desire for the Light burns bright in our souls. We are awakened to all that is good, and we are inspired to obtain all the blessings life has to offer. We are given the gift of a willing heart and willing mind to follow the path of the Light…

Tisha B´Av Day

Tisha Bav

The Kabbalists tell us that the day Tisha B’av is the only day of the year when the force called Satan (our Ego, adversary, or internal opponent) governs for a period of 25 hours.

Monthly Kabbalah Astrology

(Av) Leo

Within the month of Leo, there is the most negative day of the year and the most positive day of the year—two extreme energies existing in one month. The function of the temple was to bring balance and harmony to the world. It was destroyed because of hate.

New Moon Angels Month of Av

luna llena en leo / Full moon in leo

The Hebrew month of Av (or Menachem-Av, the consoler of Av) is the fifth of the twelve months of the Jewish calendar. The name Av leans father. It derives from the root which means to will” or to desire.

Shabbat Pinchas is a very powerful Shabbat

Shabbat Pinjas

As we have spoken about many times before, Shabbat Pinchas is a very powerful Shabbat – not just for healing, as has been discussed, but it’s also an important time to both connect to and understand what we’re connecting to, during what is called the “three weeks.”