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Kabbalah Weekly Astrology

Cábala Astrología Semanal / Weekly Kabbalistic Astrology

In Kabbalistic philosophy, Zeir Anpin acts as an intermediary between humanity and the divine emanations in the Tree of Life, allowing us to connect with the divine Light that resides within us and experience blessings in our lives. Discover how this important principle of Kabbalah can transform your approach to life and help you establish a deep divine connection.

What is Tu BiShvat?

B Shvat según la Cábala / Tu B´Shvat according to Kabbalah

Connect with the power of the Tree of Life on Tu BiShvat. This holiday is an opportunity to ask Hashem that we, too, bear sweet and good fruit in the New Year of the Trees. According to the Zohar, the physical manifestation of this is that many trees begin bearing fruit from Tu BiShvat.

Positive Capricorn energy

Energía positiva de Capricornio / Positive Capricorn energy

This month there is Light in front of us all. We can harness this Capricorn energy of intense steady work and use it to our benefit and the benefit of others. We can use Saturn’s structure to build stronger relationships that attract goodness and positivity into the world.

The Sitra Ajra padlock

The Sitra Ajra padlock

Sitra Ajra is known as the uncrowned Malchut in Kabbalah; it is the desire to receive but, in a sense, not receive the same in return. Three emotions impede the emanations of Kether and I refer to them as the lock of Sitra Ajra.

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