The Universe of Atzilut (the Emanation)

The Universe of Atzilut (the Emanation),

The universe of Atzilut, a central concept in Kabbalah, represents a spiritual dimension free from the constraints of time and space. Understanding and accessing this level of consciousness is a challenge that requires deep knowledge of Kabbalistic principles and constant spiritual practice.

How to Enter the Universe of Atzilut

Many students ask me if it is possible to grasp the universe of Atzilut. Binah (‘Understanding’) grasps concepts. It seems impossible to enter the cosmological Chochmah (the universe of Atzilut). The Kabbalist Ezra of Gerona said, “The faculty of thought can rise beyond the root of the soul.” This means we can think about the universe of Atzilut without needing to enter it.

The Universe of Briyah and the Universe of Atzilut

First, we must define the fundamental difference between the two universes. In the universe of Briyah (Creation), where Binah is found, there is a sequence of time and space; however, in the universe of Atzilut, these variables do not exist. In Atzilut, there are no space/time limitations.

This leads us to a problem: how can we grasp reality outside of space and time when we are entities constructed within the conditioning variables of space/time?

The mind can work outside of space/time; what exists in space/time is matter and although the mind is constructed of matter, it is not necessarily limited to the universe of its material construction.

Entering Atzilut

Thus, we arrive at the first conclusion: we can enter Atzilut. The mekubalim said that few entered this universe. It is said that Rabbi Isaac Luria (the Holy Ari) was one of the few who understood and entered the universe of Atzilut.

On the other hand, we could say that the universe of Atzilut is not a state of being; that is, one does not reach the universe of Atzilut and stay there, but rather, the state of Atzilut is one in which we can exit the conditioning variables of space/time and access intuitive levels of the mind.

In reality, the mental state of Atzilut, which some Kabbalists call the “Alef-level state of concentration,” is where we conceptually unify reality to overcome the tangential contradictions of the universe of Briyah. This is very difficult and takes years, but it is not impossible and can be practiced. In my Kabbalah classes, what I try to do, which is the most difficult for me and the beginners, is to break the contradictions of material reality.

This is the fundamental difference between thinking like Binah and thinking at the level of Chochmah. One is wise, in Kabbalah, who ultimately unifies their “self” with the “all” and finally destroys the last contradiction. This is the state of Bitul (‘annihilation of the ego’).

Bitul or the Annihilation of the Ego

For Jewish mysticism, Bitul is not a permanent state, but a transitory one. “Ego” can be destroyed, but “self” cannot be destroyed. The problem is that understanding “self” is impossible in the universe of Briyah because “self” in Briyah is always related to “ego” (being someone or something). The first “self” constructed in the universe of Briyah is a “non-self” within the universe of Atzilut.

What does Kabbalah say? We can be “self” and “non-self” simultaneously.

The Jewish physicist David Bohm, in his conversation with the Hindu sage Krishnamurti, said that he could not understand the “non-self” except from the “self.” Krishnamurti said that one could reach a complete “non-self.” This is probably the difference between Kabbalah and Hindu techniques. All philosophies that come to us from India tend to the destruction of the “self.” In contrast, Kabbalah proposes maintaining the “self” in Briyah and experiencing the “non-self” (Bitul) in the universe of Atzilut.

Problems and Preparation for Bitul

What problems do people face in this material reality?

If there are strong imbalances in their “self,” no one can ascend to the “non-self.” If someone wants to ascend with strong imbalances, they use spirituality to solve personal psychological issues.

The idea is that a person, before thinking about ascending to the universe of Atzilut, must find balance in Tiferet. Since perfect balance is impossible, there will always be minimal imbalances in Tiferet. These minimal imbalances become more pronounced in the universe of Briyah, so our concepts can be (and generally are) ideological constructions of our “ego” within space and time.

In other words: the most serious problem we can encounter is ascending without being prepared for such ascension. Believing that we are ready but having strong imbalances in the “self.” All imbalances of the “self” (in Tiferet) are derived from the tension between “self-ego.” If it is not possible to resolve the “self-ego” tension, it is impossible to ascend to the “self-non-self” work that we propose to acquire the consciousness of Atzilut.

So we start with the assumption that the person studying Kabbalah has already worked on resolving the most pressing conflicts of their Tiferet center.

How to Enter the Universe of Atzilut

The Universe of Atzilut (the Emanation),

Returning to the core of the problem: how to enter the universe of Atzilut? I personally have a strategy based on the concept of “oscillation.”

We are used to living our experiences and ideas within the universe of Briyah. Therefore, we must understand that we have no experience in the universe of Atzilut. Some special people, with a high natural mental power, have access to Atzilut, but they do not know how to communicate it. For most people, I propose a strategy of entering the intuitive mental state of Atzilut and quickly leaving it to conceptualize. The concepts of Briyah are our psyche’s defense tools to understand reality.

The reason we do not enter Atzilut is the fear of the unknown.

We need to familiarize ourselves with the elements we will find in Atzilut. For example, preferred colors, symbols, dreams, premonitions, etc. All these are elements that connect us to the universe of Atzilut. However, people generally discard them because they do not understand these symbols. The Kabbalist from Zaragoza, Abraham Abulafia (1240-1292), said that Hebrew letters were not tools for constructing words, but in their genesis represented powerful symbols. When in Kabbalah courses we study the symbolism of Hebrew letters, we train students to enter the universe of Atzilut.

Can We Enter Atzilut?

Yes. The underlying problem and the true meaning of this entry is to answer: why?

The purpose of entering Atzilut is not to escape material reality, but to transform it. By understanding and experiencing the universe of Atzilut, a profound connection with the essence of the universe is achieved, allowing our actions in the world of Briyah to be more conscious and aligned with the divine purpose. Integrating this wisdom into our daily lives can lead to greater clarity, understanding and inner peace.


The universe of Atzilut represents an elevated spiritual dimension, free from the constraints of time and space. Although accessing this level of consciousness is challenging, practice and deep understanding of Kabbalistic concepts can guide us on this journey. By balancing our “self” and overcoming internal contradictions, we can reach a state of Bitul and experience reality from a higher perspective. This transformation not only benefits us individually but can also have a positive impact on our environment and the world at large.

Immerse yourself in the study of Kabbalah, meditate on the Hebrew letters and work on balancing your being. The path to Atzilut is challenging, but the spiritual and personal rewards are invaluable.

With information from Mario Sabán

Researcher and professor of Kabbalah, specializing in its application in psychology, personal development and the spiritual evolution of the human being. He teaches how Kabbalah can help us live more fully and consciously, achieving happiness through personal self-knowledge using the method of the Tree of Life.