Lunar Phases July 2024

Lunar Phases July 2024,

July 2024 brings lunar phases that not only beautify the night sky but also deeply impact your daily life. Learn how the new moon can help you manifest your dreams and the full moon can maximize your emotions. Our lunar calendar offers you a complete guide to take advantage of each phase.

Lunar Phases of July 2024: Calendar and Rituals

The Moon will have four significant cycles in July 2024. Lunar phases for this month:

  1. New moon on July 5, 2024
  2. First quarter waning on July 7, 2024
  3. Full moon on July 21, 2024
  4. First quarter waxing on July 23, 2024

The moon describes its daily circular trajectory around the earth, making day and night possible through its rotation around its axis.

The sun illuminates us during the day and represents the principle of masculinity, unity and regularity in cycles, showing the seasons through its passage. In contrast, the moon, the lady of the night, symbolizes the principle of femininity, periodic irregularity and the diversity of its continuous changes.

Lunar Calendar July 2024

Lunar Phases July 2024,
This diverse and diverse character is manifested in different phases of the moon, which are directly related to the biological rhythm of a person: birth, growth, abundance, decay and death.

In the system of planetary cycles, the months are the shortest and each month of the year occurs (or begins) one month approximately every 29.5 days until the end of the year has formed 13 months.

Most ancient calendars depended on the lunar cycle to measure time and this is the origin of the months. The new moon occurs at the exact moment of conjunction when the sun and moon are at the same degree, minute and second of the zodiac.

At this time, the moon is not visible in the sky. During the full moon, when our partner is fully illuminated, they face each other, that is, they are 180 degrees from each other.

Importance of the moon phases in daily life

The lunar phases have great importance in daily life. The lunar cycle is a process that repeats every 29 and a half days and refers to the movement of the moon through the different stages of its evolution.

These states are known as the lunar phases and their shape and size vary depending on the angle from which the moon is viewed. These phases are New Moon, Crescent, Crescent Quarter, Full and Waning.

Moon phases have influenced human behavior since ancient times, as they affect people’s biological rhythms.

Many believe there is a link between the full moon and human behavior; for example, in some cultures, it is said that during this stage there is more likelihood of having prophetic dreams or even presentiment.

They can also influence the tides of the sea due to the gravitational pull of the moon on the earth’s water. This phenomenon has a direct impact on coastal inhabitants, as it determines when they can fish or when they should prepare for sea storms.

In addition to their effects on humans and the environment, lunar phases have also been commonly used as a tool to mark the passing of time or to predict future weather for centuries.

Farmers enjoy using this knowledge to determine when to plant their crops for the best yields; some cultures even made human sacrifices based on the current position of the moon relative to other visible stars, as a way to promote good luck for religious or festive reasons.

They are a fundamental element in understanding our natural environment and adapting our daily lives to it. Their influence is important not only for farmers but also for all those who seek to connect with their inner selves.

New Moon

The New Moon is the first phase of the Moon each month when the Sun and Moon are in conjunction.

During this phase, the lunar disk is fully illuminated on the side opposite the Sun, so no illuminated part of the Moon is visible from Earth. This phase lasts approximately two days and is usually considered a time of renewal and the beginning of a new cycle.

It is said that during this phase there is increased energy to connect with our inner purpose and begin to manifest dreams.

This energy helps to open us to changes in our lives and also pushes us to reflect on the things we want to achieve in our lives. Some believe that this is the right time to perform magical rituals or to cleanse negative energy.

On the other hand, during this phase, there are also many activities related to gardening, as it is said that nutrients are better absorbed by plants at this time due to the low level of sunlight.

Now is a good time to do some cleaning in your home or office, because it favors the elimination of the energetic chaos accumulated during the month.

Also, it is an ideal time to reflect on our life goals and start new projects. Perhaps it is time to take a break, meditate, or do spiritual cleansing to prepare ourselves for the new things we want to attract into our lives.

What to do after the full moon?

After the full moon passes, there are many things you can do to take advantage of the energy of this phase. To make the most of the lunar energy, it’s important to connect with it.

This means taking time to reflect and release any emotional baggage or heavy energy accumulated during the month. You can do a simple visualization ritual to get rid of these things and embrace the positive vibes of the full moon.

Once you’ve freed your mind, it’s time to take action. Start by taking a relaxing bath in salt water to remove any remaining negative vibrations. Doing a moon ritual is recommended with herbs or essential oils to embrace the abundance and fertility of the moment.

Another interesting option is to do guided meditations focusing on the purpose and goals you want to achieve during the month.

After the full moon, you have a natural impulse to start new projects or resume those that were previously pending. Take advantage of this: make lists, plan your goals and document your progress in your journal.

Finally, don’t forget about rest! The full moon has brought you a lot of new energy and now you need to take time to recuperate before going on with your normal day-to-day life.

Spend a few hours in deep rest, read a book, or enjoy the silence; do whatever it takes to recharge before the next lunar challenge!

Rules for negotiating, buying, selling, or contracting

During the New Moon

Markets are more volatile and there may be times of great uncertainty. This is an ideal phase for negotiations due to the unpredictable nature of the market. It is relevant to make wise decisions and be cautious when making investments.

Therefore, if you want to buy or sell something during this lunar phase, it is best to opt for safe transactions with well-known assets to minimize risks.

During the Crescent Moon

Prices usually increase due to positive emotions in the market. This is a good opportunity to make profitable buy and sell transactions in larger stock indices or individually attractive stocks for higher short-term gains.

If you are looking to hire someone during this period, try searching for qualified candidates online or elsewhere to find the best talent available.

During the Full Moon

Unstable movements are observed in the financial market due to excessive negative emotions among investors. This phase is not usually favorable for making business transactions, as there may be great risks involved with no particular guarantee of success.

If you need to sell something during this lunar phase, try to offer competitive prices to attract potentially interested customers and reduce your losses if the price drops after the transaction is completed.

Try to find people with extensive experience before signing any employment contracts if you wish to hire staff during this lunar period.

Optimum times

  • The optimal time is from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm, as the Sun is high in the sky, similar to the 10th House, symbolizing prosperity, success and prestige, titles and achievement of goals.
  • Between the New Moon and the Full Moon, it promises new projects.
  • The Full Moon favors sales, plans, reorganizations, corporate mergers and conferences, parties and social gatherings.
  • With the New Moon, it is still early to make important decisions and negotiate. You will have to wait at least two days.
  • The waxing Moon is beneficial for hiring, registering companies, starting a company, opening a business and events, investing and even opening a bank account.
  • The Waning Moon advocates debt recovery, closing businesses, or credit procedures.

As May 2024 concludes, reflect on how each lunar phase has shaped your month. Embrace the natural rhythms of the moon to align more closely with your personal goals and enhance your well-being. Remember, each lunar phase offers a unique opportunity for growth and renewal.

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