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Moon Phase Calendar December 2022

Calendario Lunar / Moon Calendar

Moon phases for December 2022. In December we will have a new moon on December 23 and a full moon on December 8. We can see the Moon in the sky appearing every month, growing, and reaching fullness.

Horoscope Month December 2022

Horóscopo Mensual / Monthly Horoscope

The most significant astral movement of the month, as we have already informed you, will be the fourth Mercury retrograde of 2022. Don’t start thinking about your resolutions for 2023 yet because the planet of the mind and communication will start retrograding on December 28.

Kabbalah Weekly Astrology

Luna Nueva en Virgo / New Moon in Virgo

With the full force of the New Moon, which began on November 23 and will end on November 30, we begin this week. It provides us with the gift of beginnings and seed sowing. The best time to begin a project, activity, or change of habit is during the New Moon.

The rule of three

La regla del tres

Three threes in a row. Within the Wicca religion, there are different laws and rules for its followers to develop when practicing it better. The so-called Law Three Times Three, which promotes the contact of the human being with nature and its magic, is one of these codes.

Monthly Kabbalah Astrology

Sol, Mercurio y Júpiter en Sagitario / Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in Sagittarius

We have to believe that everything happens for a reason and that we are headed in the right direction toward our goals of success, happiness, and love. Thanksgiving also coincides with the Sagittarius New Moon in the United States. And that’s what we have to say: thank you.

New Moon in Sagittarius

Luna Nueva en el signo de Sagitario / New Moon in the sign of Sagittarius

After all the potent cosmic energies of the past few months, the New Moon arrives in the sign of Sagittarius like a breath of fresh air. Peaking on November 23, the New Moon marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle and holds the promise of new beginnings, adventures, and awakening moments within it.