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Moon Phase Calendar February 2023

Calendario Lunar / Moon Calendar

The Moon will have the fourth cycle of significance in February 2023. Moon phases for this month: Full Moon on February 5, First Quarter Waning on February 8, New Moon on February 20 and First quarter waxing on February 22.

Full Moon in Leo

luna llena en leo / Full moon in leo

During the Leo Full Moon, allow yourself to focus on your heart and bring the bright energy of Leo into your life. With Uranus active, there may be a sense of ambiguity, but also the opportunity to see things from a new perspective and take action. Don’t be afraid to move forward and release what is no longer stable.

Monthly Intuitive Astrology Forecast

February / Febrero

This month of February encourages you to get moving and move into the next phase of your journey. Don’t miss the major astrological events that will help you make important decisions and prepare you to tie up loose ends in March.

This is how the Year of the Rabbit begins

This is how the Year of the Rabbit begins / Así comienza el Año del Conejo

A powerful surge of energy greets the Chinese New Year, also known as the Year of the Rabbit. The Chinese calendar will begin on January 22, 2023, according to some publications that use China’s time zone as a guide.

Get Ready for the Year of the Rabbit

Año del Conejo / Year of the Rabbit

Now that it’s the Year of the Rabbit, we can all relax. The Year of the Rabbit is anticipated to bring about a more reflective, gentler time than the Year of the Tiger, which was viewed as a powerful time of action and, at times, impulse.

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