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Awaken Harmony in Your Home

Armonía en Tu Hogar / Awaken Harmony in Your Home

Every day, our lives intersect with a multitude of energies, some of which can be harmful to our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. These negative energies can emanate from the people we interact with, the places we visit and even the means of transportation we use.

Rosemary Cross Ritual

Ritual de la Cruz de Romero / Rosemary Cross Ritual

How to do the powerful Rosemary Cross Ritual to ward off bad vibes and attract prosperity to your home or business. Know the necessary ingredients and the steps to follow to carry out this effective ritual that will help you clean your spiritual field.

7 knots bracelet

Pulsera de los 7 nudos / 7 knots bracelet

To unlock the magic of your life, the 7 knots represent the seven directions of life: North, South, East, West, Up, Down and In. All are linked to a spiritual energy that when worn on your hand brings balance and harmony to your life.

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