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Occultism in Fashion

El Ocultismo en la Moda / Occultism in Fashion

In the fashion world, occultism can be seen through clothing designs that use symbols, colors and motifs associated with various occult practices, such as astrology and tarot. This phenomenon began to gain momentum when designer Rick Owens launched his first collection featuring mystical symbols such as pentagrams and crescent moons.

Mahayana New Year


Mahayana New Year is a celebration of the beginning of the new year in some Asian countries, such as China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam. It is celebrated differently according to the traditions of each country.

Three Wise Men Rituals

Ritual Día de Reyes Magos / Three Wise Men Day Ritual

The Three Wise Men’s Day Rituals are a tradition celebrated in many Spanish-speaking countries on January 6th. This festivity has its origin in the Gospel according to Saint Matthew, which it narrates the arrival of the three Wise Men to Bethlehem to adore the Baby Jesus.

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