Superstitions, folk beliefs and practices

Articles, information, and reference on superstitions and popular beliefs, phenomena, processes, and their relationships without any scientific proof or evidence.

White Butterflies Superstitions

mariposa blanca / white butterfly

White butterflies are often seen fluttering around the planet, and their presence in our lives is not casual. Spirituality holds that when we contemplate them, it is for a reason, and the message that the cosmos transmits to us depends on the circumstances surrounding the specific moment in which they appear.

Superstitions about coins

Monedas / Coins

Since ancient times, coins have been used as an ingredient in various rituals and spells. They have even been the subject of many superstitions. In the past, sailors would insert a coin into a small hole in a net plug to remind Neptune that they were willing to pay for the catch.

Superstition flies in house

Supersticiones moscas en la casa / superstition flies in house

Considered impure animals and aligned with evil by the demon Beelzebub, their name derives from Ba’al Zebûb or Beelzebub, a title that means Lord of the Flies, one of the most important demons among the seven princes of hell (being the one that represents the sin of gluttony).