White Butterflies Superstitions

White Butterflies Superstitions, InfoMistico.com

White butterflies are often seen fluttering around the planet and their presence in our lives is not casual. Spirituality holds that when we contemplate them, it is for a reason and the message that the cosmos transmits to us depends on the circumstances surrounding the specific moment in which they appear.

Superstitions and popular beliefs about white butterflies

The morphology and colors of butterflies make them some of the most attractive creatures on Earth.

The monarch butterfly species is the most impressive because of its orange and black coloration, which stands out in the natural world.

Those with white shades have one of the most profound meanings, as they are so subtly expressive that some believe they function as messengers of angels. The metamorphosis they undergo to become butterflies and caterpillars also serves as a metaphor for transformation, rebirth and resurrection.

The meaning of seeing a white butterfly

A white butterfly is auspicious if it flutters over you, as white is a color of cleansing, purification and goodness. When this insect comes home, it portends happiness, but in places like Maryland, it portends death.

Warm climates or rainy season

They warn of wet or warm seasons in several South American communities. They can expect a wet season if the first butterfly they see in the summer is white. Native Americans, however, believed that since they brought the dreams of men, they appeared while they slept.


Represent the spirit of a departed and much-loved person. According to 17th-century Irish tradition, a white butterfly was not to be destroyed because it symbolized the souls of deceased children.

White butterflies, according to more spiritual interpretations, are a warning from the angels who are there to protect and be with us. They represent evolution and spiritual development.

Last but not least, according to superstition, if the first butterfly of the year is white, the rest of the year will bring you luck.

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