Animals, divine beings of nature, teach us profound spiritual lessons. Connect with the sacred essence of each creature and discover the balance and peace they bring to our lives. Immerse yourself in the spiritual realm of animals and transform your soul.

Hidden Mysteries: Pests and Black Magic

Plagas y Magia Negra / Pests and Black Magic

In the field of esotericism, pests are more than just an inconvenience. They are believed to be linked to black magic and occult practices. This article delves into esoteric interpretations and solutions to understand and remedy these mysterious manifestations in homes and offices.


Leo and Their Spirit Animals

El gran aprendizaje de Leo

Each zodiac sign is mirrored in creatures of nature, revealing distinctive personality traits. In the case of Leo, these mirrors not only include the lion, but also the peacock, the macaw, the shark, the ferret and the German shepherd. These animals capture the unique and vibrant essence of the Leo sign.