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Discover how to enhance your individuality through the Kabbalistic Personal Tree, a visual diagram that reflects your 72 Kabbalistic Names of God, designed from your astrological chart. Each name is strategically placed on the Tree of Life, in accordance with the stars at your birth.

Tree of Life Kabbalah,

Discover Your Kabbalistic Personal Tree: Exploring Your Individuality

The Personal Tree of Life or Kabbalistic Map, is a crucial tool for self-exploration and deep understanding of oneself. The spheres on the tree represent different facets of our existence and the paths between them, the routes for personal growth and learning.

With 32 paths of learning, this tree invites us to follow a unique journey, full of challenges and decisions. You can choose to face these challenges with resistance and fear or choose the path of serenity and acceptance. The way we adapt and embrace the different stages of life shapes our existence.

Personal Tree of Life Interpretation Services

Our Kabbalistic service offers a detailed exploration of the multiple dimensions of your being. Are you interested in what this service includes and how the interpretation process of the Tree of Life unfolds?

Observe this carefully prepared image, in which we have removed any personal data to preserve confidentiality. This representation of the Tree of Life clearly shows the Kabbalistic information related to the ten spheres, known as Sefirot, at the time of birth.

Tree of Life Kabbalah,

Spheres of the Kabbalah Tree of Life

The ten spheres of the Tree of Life are vital points that symbolize the divine emanations, structuring both the universe and the human psyche. Each sphere, connected by paths, establishes a network of interdependent relationships.

The ten spheres of the Tree of Life are:

  1. Kether (the Crown): symbolizes divine unity and the source of creation.
  2. Chokmah (Wisdom): represents the divine creative spark.
  3. Binah (Understanding): reflects divine intelligence and discernment.
  4. Chesed (Mercy): symbolizes benevolence and divine grace.
  5. Geburah (Severity): represents divine justice and judgment.
  6. Tiphereth (Beauty): is the symbol of balance and harmony.
  7. Netzach (Victory): reflects divine power and victory.
  8. Hod (Glory): symbolizes the glory and manifestation of divine truth.
  9. Yesod (Foundation): links the physical world with the spiritual.
  10. Malkuth (Kingdom): represents the physical manifestation of the universe and the realization of divine purpose.

Each sphere details attributes, astrological correspondences, symbolisms and colors, making the Tree of Life an integral map of creation and human evolution.

Influence of the Paths of the Tree of Life on Personal Life

The paths of the Tree of Life interconnect the ten spheres and have a direct impact on individual existence, marking personal relationships and dynamics.

Each path is a channel that manifests a specific energy or quality in our lives. For example, the path between Geburah (Severity) and Tiphereth (Beauty) symbolizes the balance between justice and harmony, essential for making fair and balanced decisions. On the other hand, the path connecting Netzach (Victory) with Hod (Glory) facilitates the effective manifestation of desires and goals.

Delving into the study of the paths of the Tree of Life allows for a better understanding of oneself and one’s surroundings, promoting the development of skills to achieve personal goals. These paths reflect the challenges and trials we face, such as the path from Yesod (Foundation) to Malkuth (Kingdom), illustrating the obstacles to materializing dreams into tangible reality.

The paths not only outline qualities and skills but also offer opportunities for spiritual growth and evolution, revealing how cosmic influences can be interpreted and used in everyday life.

Astrology and the Tree of Life: Tools for Self-Exploration

Astrology examines the impact of constellations and planets at the time of our birth on our lives, providing a map of personal tendencies and characteristics. In contrast, the Tree of Life offers a deeper and more spiritual exploration, revealing not only our psychic structure but also the spiritual dynamics that influence our existence.

Studying the Tree of Life requires deep understanding and experience to correctly interpret its symbolism and the spiritual dynamics it proposes, thus differing from astrological interpretation that focuses more on the direct influence of celestial bodies on the individual. Both tools, however, are valuable for self-exploration and personal development, each from its unique perspective.

Price: USD 299.95

This comprehensive 70-page report is meticulously designed for those new to the study of Kabbalah, offering a clear and accessible understanding from scratch.

By opting for this study, you will receive a detailed diagram of the Tree of Life and an in-depth interpretation of the evolutionary and involutionary paths. We will provide you with precise explanations of how these spheres relate to your current life and effective strategies to address the challenges on your spiritual path.

The process begins with a 5-day Pre-Course, accessible within the first 24 hours, designed to familiarize you with essential Kabbalistic concepts, thus preparing you to make the most of your Complete Study, which will be delivered in one week.

Additionally, we offer continuous online assistance, either by phone or WhatsApp, to resolve any doubts you may have throughout your learning journey with us.

Price: USD 29.95

Discover your well-being with our initial Tree of Life diagnosis, specially designed for those who value clarity in their destiny. For only USD 30.00, obtain a complete radiography of your well-being that will provide valuable insights in just 24 hours. This analysis is the ideal first step for those considering a deeper study.

Important Note

There is no need to provide data that could compromise your security, such as passport numbers, national identity documents, driver’s licenses, or other private documents.

Only information regarding place, date and time of birth is requested, essential for the execution of necessary calculations, similar to the procedure for preparing an astrological chart, which cannot be made without this information.

With the goal of preserving your privacy, an option has been included at the end of the form once payment has been made, allowing you to request the deletion of all your information once the report has been delivered and you confirm its receipt and review in your email.

If you wish to contact us, you can do so via WhatsApp.

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