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Month of Nisan

Rosh Jodesh Nisan

In the Hebrew calendar, the month of Nisan marks not only the beginning of the astrological year but also the celebration of Passover. During this month, Jews commemorate the exodus from Egypt and the liberation of their people. The lamb is the animal that symbolizes this holiday and it is believed that during this month, the wealth that will be had throughout the year flows.

12 Days of Aries

12 Days of Aries

As we enter Aries season we are presented with a unique opportunity to shape our own destiny for the coming year. According to the 16th-century Kabbalist Arizal each of the first twelve days of Aries corresponds to the twelve months of the year and exerts a direct influence on them.

Month of Adar

Mes de Adar / Month of Adar

Celebrate the holiday of Purim with great joy in the month of Adar! This holiday commemorates the incredible transformation of what seemed to be a bad fortune for the Hebrews into something good and glorious.

What is Tu BiShvat?

B Shvat según la Cábala / Tu B´Shvat according to Kabbalah

Connect with the power of the Tree of Life on Tu BiShvat. This holiday is an opportunity to ask Hashem that we, too, bear sweet and good fruit in the New Year of the Trees. According to the Zohar, the physical manifestation of this is that many trees begin bearing fruit from Tu BiShvat.

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