Month of Nisan and the Archangel Ariel

Month of Nisan and the Archangel Ariel,

The month of Aries emerges as a time of transcendent importance, being the precursor of the fire signs and the initiator of both lunar and solar cycles. According to the Hebrew calendar, although Rosh Hashanah is celebrated as the new year, it is in Nisan where the calendar year actually begins, always coinciding with the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

The Power of Nisan: Liberation and Rebirth in Aries

From Exodus to Evolution: The Month of Aries and the Quest for Freedom

This month carries the name of the Roman god of war, reflecting its nature marked by confrontations, battles and potential antagonism.

Historically, Nisan has signaled the beginning of the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt, marking the transition from slavery to salvation, from captivity to freedom. Kabbalah teaches that during this month, we are granted the cosmic strength necessary to liberate ourselves from all limitations and bonds.

Furthermore, the month of Aries offers us the opportunity to overcome personal obstacles that prevent us from achieving true freedom in all facets of our existence. The energy that manifested with the Israelites’ departure from Egypt is present again each fourteenth day of Nisan when the Moon reaches its maximum power.

Additionally, governed by Mars, the planet associated with war, Aries equips us to combat conflicts in our own lives. This sign urges us to inject awareness and resolution into the battlefields of our daily existence, whether in conflicts between nations, individuals, or in the continuous internal struggles we face, such as that between the Desire to Receive for Oneself and the Desire to Share.

Aries Personality: Pioneers, Warriors and Independent Spirits

Strengths and Weaknesses of Aries: The Drive of the Ram

People born under the sign of Aries often possess leadership characteristics, such as being energetic, vigorous, pioneering, aggressive, progressive and dominant. They have an innate disposition for struggle, always seeking victory and primacy.

Likewise, these qualities, both strengths and weaknesses, are linked with the ideas of seed, infancy, or immaturity, implying a unique potential for growth alongside a propensity for impulsiveness and stubbornness. The pioneering spirit of Aries, their unlimited enthusiasm, bravery and love for freedom are combined with a total disregard for the consequences of their actions.

Also, Aries associated with the head and represented by the ram, is characterized by its tendency to act rashly. If an Aries comes up with an idea, they put it into practice immediately, showing little patience for objections or opposition.

Under the influence of Mars, Aries displays courage and boldness, unafraid of confrontations and often actively seeking them. Like the ram, they feel the need to knock down obstacles in their path, showing a natural aversion to any form of confinement or limitation.

This disposition towards risk, combined with their straightforward but sometimes inflexible nature and lack of diplomacy, defines Aries as true “rebels without a cause,” whose fiery temper can ignite quickly.

The Archangel Ariel and Aries: Connection with Nature and Manifestation

Overcoming Separation: Ariel’s Message for Aries

In this process of transformation, the energy of Archangel Ariel plays a crucial role. As an angel of nature, closely linked with newborns and the natural world, he inspires liberation from the bonds of winter and reconnection with the natural surroundings. Considered the Angelic Ambassador of Magic and Divine Manifestations, Ariel reminds Aries that with a will focused on the desire for success, anything is possible.

Archangel Ariel excels in the realm of personal relationships, thanks to his dedication to dismantling the illusion of separation between beings. His presence reminds us that we are all interconnected and that any sense of division is a mirage created by the ego. This understanding allows competition to unfold in a healthy context, favoring collective well-being.

With Ariel’s help, Aries are encouraged to venture out of their comfort zones, to embark on magical journeys and explorations in nature, shedding fear and collaborating with the Creator to materialize the life they have always dreamed of. Likewise, he fosters boldness and bravery, but with a gentle footprint on Earth, emphasizing the importance of “freshness” and “vitality.” This translates into motivation to enjoy the outdoors, maintain a healthy body, a balanced diet and steer clear of vices.

The cosmic window that opens on the fourteenth day of Nisan, with the event of the Pesach Seder, represents a unique opportunity to redesign the year, replacing chaos with order and slavery with freedom. We are invited to seize this moment to triumph in the struggle against negativity.

Among the specific challenges for this month are overcoming the tendency to consider oneself the center of the universe, learning from past mistakes to avoid repeating them, steering clear of white lies, acting with consideration for others, treating people gently, giving without expecting recognition and not taking offense easily. These practices contribute not only to significant personal growth but also strengthen the connection with others and the universe.

This article is an astrological guide based on the Kabbalistic astrology of The Kabbalah Centre and aims to provide information and insights for personal growth. It is recommended to use these insights as a complementary tool and not as a means to let the cosmos control our lives.