Month of Nisan

Month of Nisan,

In the Hebrew calendar, Rosh Jodesh Nisan marks not only the beginning of the month of Aries, but also the start of the astrological year as it initiates the zodiacal cycle.

Rosh Jodesh Nisan – Head of the month of Aries

Each zodiac sign is governed by a principal celestial body that exerts a particular influence throughout life, but also moves through different areas of existence during the year, known in astrology as houses and in Kabbalah as vessels.

How to free yourself from astral influences with the Rosh Jodesh method in the Hebrew calendar

These houses encompass every aspect of life, from family to finances and transit planets can favor or disfavor different areas of our existence depending on the moment. The celestial bodies, considered intelligences and forces of nature, are part of the Elohim system which is believed to activate judgment. Each zodiac sign is associated with a particular element.

According to Kabbalah, the sign under which we are born is not the cause but the effect of our karma in past lives, granting us specific attributes to correct ourselves in this life.

The zodiac is considered a mechanism that uses the intelligence of the soul to acquire useful qualities in the challenges we face. However, there is a method that allows one to free oneself from these influences: Rosh Jodesh which translates as “head of the month.”

The energy that gives birth to each month is what is sought by following this method. This approach can free us from the cocktail of astral influences, providing us with a way to avoid the negative effects of the stars.

The complexity of the creation of the universe through Kabbalah and the 22 Hebrew letters

The complexity of the universe and its creation is one of the oldest and most studied themes in human history. To Kabbalah, the divine entity Elohim is composed of the 22 Hebrew letters which are analogous to the bricks in an architectural work or the notes in a symphony.

According to its theory, God used these letters to compose the score of creation and shape the energy that gives life to everything that exists.

The influence of this divine energy is not direct in our world, but it must traverse a path through the emotional world and the impure system before manifesting as planets and zodiacal constellations.

In the specific case of the planet that rules the month, this month is Mars on an emotional level and possesses the characteristics of this celestial body, but at its highest level, its head is formed by the Hebrew letter Dalet. Kabbalah sustains that in order to be above the astral influence of Mars, it is necessary to immerse oneself in its head which is Dalet.

This letter represents an energy that possesses the divine intellect of Binah and allows one to be above planetary influences. This concept also applies to zodiacal constellations and everything created in this universe, as all of them have their head in the Hebrew letters.

During each month, two Hebrew letters lead the astral influences of the same, along with the name of God Yud He Vav He which permutates each month and, therefore, the letters change positions. This complex theory represents a deep and complex vision of the universe and its creation which has been studied and debated throughout human history.

Astral energy and traditions of the month of Nisan

Connection of Passover, symbolism of the lamb and its relation to wealth

During the full moon of the month of Nisan, Jews celebrate Passover, a holiday that commemorates the exodus from Egypt and the liberation of their people. However, it is important to note that this liberation was made possible thanks to an energy that was revealed to the world at that time.

During this month, the animal that symbolizes this holiday is the lamb, known in Hebrew as Ahstarot, whose etymological root is related to the word “Osher” or wealth. In fact, these animals enrich their owners and during this month it is believed that the wealth that will be had throughout the year flows.

On the other hand, Nisan is also known as Rosh Jodashim or the main head of the months and Jodesh Haabib or the month of spring. Its importance is such that it appears in the Old Testament, where the Lord spoke with Moses and Aaron and indicated that this month would be the most important, as it would be the first of the year.

It is necessary to highlight the astral influence that will be experienced during this month which will have a significant impact on our lives. Therefore, it is crucial to be attentive to the signs and make the most of this energy.

How to overcome selfishness and live in harmony

Tips for Aries natives this month

Aries natives are known for being impulsive and acting without thinking, but also for being pioneers and trailblazers. They are considered heroes and conquerors, natural leaders with an individualistic personality and a very direct way of expressing themselves. However, they are also attributed negative traits such as intolerance, impatience, selfishness and aggressiveness which makes it difficult for them to feel empathy for others.

Selfishness becomes a relevant topic this month and it is important to keep in mind that we should focus on altruism in all its forms.

We must avoid falling into competition and the disputes that arise when our ego prevails over others. It is essential to understand that this month will determine how we will live the rest of the year. Therefore, it is not about maintaining a constant state of alertness, but about preparing ourselves for a war against the ego.

What may seem like humiliation will undoubtedly be a blessing and what may seem like aggression will be a caress for the soul. We must be ready to face this challenge with our armor on and with the firm determination to overcome the ego.

How the energy of the month can free you from selfishness

Meditation and reflection tips to make the most of the full moon on Shabbat Pesach

In an inspiring message, we are urged not to overlook the energy that surrounds us. This energy can reveal the amount of ego that is hidden in our consciousness and it is crucial not to let it be consumed by our ego.

A special meditation is suggested for the “seed of the year” which is loaded with divine names that can open our central column.

The first 15 days of the month are crucial, as the energy is simultaneously increasing with the growth of the moon.

The full revelation of this energy occurs on the day of the full moon which coincides with Shabbat Pesach, a day on which we can free ourselves from the slavery and yoke of the adversary, as long as we are aware of it and create affinity with the light.

These first 15 days are crucial for our liberation from selfishness. If we break any of our klipot, that is, the shells that hide the light of our soul, we can be freed from aspects of our selfishness. If, on the other hand, we add a new shell, this will only serve to further darken the light of our soul. The decision is in our hands.

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