Monthly Kabbalah Astrology

Monthly Kabbalah Astrology,

I believe that after the Scorpio-Taurus eclipse season, everyone can take a deep breath again. We all need hope and faith at this time and Sagittarius is a sign of both.

Kabbalistic astrological forecast for the month of Kislev (Sagittarius) 2022

We have to believe that everything happens for a reason and that we are headed in the right direction toward our goals of success, happiness and love.

Thanksgiving also coincides with the Sagittarius New Moon in the United States. And that’s what we have to say: thank you.

The season of eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio may have left us scarred and with a lot of hard truths to process. We wrapped ourselves in a lot of layers hoping they would keep us safe.

How painful it was to realize that this cloth had no purpose, like the emperor’s new clothes. Everyone applauded when they saw the emperor march proudly away because everyone was too afraid, to tell the truth. Only one brave young man shouted: “The king is naked!”.

The time has come to recognize that clothes were only a product of our fear and that they are not present. We were all asked to see the truth, every one of us.


Because we don’t want to experience pain, we are afraid to face our emotions. But every emotion we avoid facing keeps us trapped in a vicious cycle.

We make commitments to ourselves like “I will never trust again” or “I will never love again.” We proclaim things like, “Money is corrupt; I don’t need it,” “I don’t need friends,” or “I don’t care about my success.”

Yet, the reality that disgusts us is the reality of life. However, the reality that we dislike is created by our emotions. Now it is easier to identify these things.

This month we can move forward, see things more clearly, identify the patterns that prevent us from growing and move away from them, although we probably still have a ways to go.

Jupiter, the planet that rules Sagittarius

It will go direct the day after the New Moon after spending a few months in retrograde motion. Our perception of the Light will change, allowing us to rediscover it after feeling everything collapsing around us.

That change will engender hope, connect us with a positive force and ultimately usher in the good news.

At the time of the New Moon, Mercury and Venus are conjunct in the sign of Sagittarius. This can increase our appreciation of beauty, fine art and music and allow us to see the world in a more positive light.

We may have the urge to explore nature and contemplate the beauty of God’s creation.

Much stress can be relieved and we can relax by being outdoors in nature. In addition, it can negatively fuel our thirst for righteousness. It is also very easy for us to load our guns and shoot, as Mars is retrograde in Gemini.

Keep in mind that sometimes we don’t have the whole picture

Try to be lenient with others. Before you speak, pause. Take time to listen. Mars will not be patient while retrograde, but since we are spiritual beings, we can prevail in that conflict.

Arguments can arise because people don’t have the energy to listen and because they want justice to be done. But many disagreements can be resolved if we learn to listen and accept the possibility that others are right.

Trine Saturn in Aquarius

At the time of the New Moon, Mars is retrograde in Gemini and trine Saturn in Aquarius.

A trine is considered a harmonious connection between planets. Both Gemini and Aquarius have strong minds. Saturn has the power to control Mars when it is difficult to control (and particularly when they are extremely anxious in retrograde).

Simply sit and breathe for a moment to help Saturn balance that energy and get you back on track if you are trying to work on a project or any task that requires discipline and you feel you have no patience. Also, this transit gives us the strength to face and conquer any challenge.

At the time of the New Moon, Jupiter is stationary in Pisces and trine Pluto in Capricorn.

This is an excellent opportunity to improve our social and personal lives. Just make sure that the changes you want to make in your life are motivated by something positive and not as a reaction.

Jupiter, the sign of Sagittarius

It represents truth and abundance. Pluto also represents transformation. Therefore, things will open up and progress if we make decisions based on our truth and not out of obligation, fear, or expectation.

Here we are in an important historical period. The workings of society and the world are about to change. The more layers we can peel back and the stronger we become internally, the more courage we will have to discover who we are.

We are getting closer and closer to realizing our full potential and power and, therefore, achieving our true happiness.

With information from Kabbalah Centre International

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