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Leo is one of those special months in which the kabbalists say energy is abundant. The planets indicate that there are no spiritual filters. Most months “share” planets.

Kabbalah Monthly Astrological Forecast month of Av (Leo) 2022

For example, Mercury shares its energy with Gemini and Virgo, Mars with Aries and Scorpio, and Venus with Taurus and Libra. The luminaries, the sun and the moon, share their energy for only one month — the moon shares its energy with Cancer and the sun with Leo.

The luminaries influence us much more than the planets. As the sun directs its energy to one month only, Rav Berg explains that this abundance is raw energy that can be very good or very bad, depending on how we use it.

Within the month of Leo, there is the most negative day of the year and the most positive day of the year—two extreme energies existing in one month.

The temple was destroyed on the most negative day of the year

The function of the temple was to bring balance and harmony to the world. It was destroyed because of hate. We might think that our negative thoughts or feelings towards another are for a good reason.

However, any kind of hatred originates from the negative voice of the opponent: a voice that gives us all kinds of false justifications for wishing ill on others.

Lessons to learn

As we begin the month, the astrology chart shows us that there are many lessons to be learned. By learning those lessons, we can activate the divine system that exists within us and emulate the flow of the universe.

  • The sun, the moon, and Mercury (the planet of communication) is in Leo.
  • Mercury opposes Saturn retrograde in Aquarius and squares Mars, our motivation and driving force, in Taurus.
  • Uranus and the North Node are also in Taurus. All are in fixed signs.
  • In addition, Jupiter goes retrograde in Aries, the fire cardinal sign.

How are we affected by all of this?

Well, each of those planets speaks to the other and creates energy. A square brings the energy of taking action; it is not passive energy. Opposition in the cosmos means we are torn between two types of energy.

Leo is a fixed fire sign. The word that motivates a fire sign is “me.”

Leo is always the main character in a movie that is all about them. Fixed signs are about preserving energy, the cardinal is about actions, and the mutable is about adjustment. Mercury in Leo becomes: “I communicate,” “I think,” and “I receive.”

The job of Leo is to transform the energy of “me” into “we.” This is the time to have more sensitivity towards others. Think: humility, opening the heart, and most importantly, being in service.

The sun, which rules Leo, is a life-giver

Without the sun, trees cannot grow, and the world cannot exist. But the sun also has a destructive power that can burn and destroy. When Leo is in service, they give life.

But when they concentrate on the “me” with thoughts like, “I am better and more important than others,” or “I am fixing this situation because I am better,” the energy becomes destructive.

Mercury squares Mars, Uranus, and the nodes

Telling us to approach things with different eyes, to change the way we talk, think, and listen. Bring new ideas and innovation to the table. The journey of Leo is to activate the heart area using words of inspiration and unconditional love.

Uranus in Taurus breaks the old systems to create new and better systems. One can connect to the positive here by not focusing only on what they gain but on what we gain.

The question is, “How can I awaken more love in the world?”.

The aspects between the planets can give us the tools to create a new energy of love and support each other better. Love and unity are parts of the names of the Creator.

This does not mean that we are all the same, but rather that we are all pieces of the puzzle called humanity, and we do complete each other.

Jupiter turns retrograde to give us the ability to check our motivation on our spiritual paths.

What spiritual rules are we obeying?

Important dates of the month of Av

From July 28th to August 2nd

Conjunction between Mars and Uranus can bring a sense of uniqueness and originality, but the other side can be unstable, stubborn, and violent. Do not initiate conflict, and be careful not to flame any fires.

On July 31st

Mercury is inaccurate opposition to Saturn. This is the time to think about our personal and social truth and overcome obstacles in the communication area.

Also, on July 31st, the sun trines Jupiter in Aries, an aspect of flow and opportunity. The opposition between Mercury and Saturn can limit this flow to encourage us to bring thoughts and awareness to our actions and to see things from the eyes of the Creator.

August 4th

Mercury moves from Leo to Virgo. Mercury rules Virgo, moving the energy from the heart to the head. In that week, be careful not to overanalyze situations. And breathe.

From the evening of August 6thuntil the 7this Tisha b’Av.

This is considered the most negative day of the year but also to be the seed of personal and global redemption. This day is also the death anniversary of our teacher, Karen Berg. Check online for live connections at your local Kabbalah Centre.

August 8th

Venus is in opposition to Pluto on August 8th. Think of relationships and money, new beginnings and endings, and all that is in between. Ask yourself, “What is most important for you in your relationships?” And, “What are you willing to let go of?”

August 11th until August 12th

We’ll experience the Full Moon of Leo. This is the most positive day of the year, a day of love. Check for connections online or at your local Centre.

August 12th to 14th

The sun is in opposition to Saturn, which can bring some obstacles, tension between the heart and the head, and a release of inner and outer negative judgment.

August 12th to 15th

Mars trines Pluto, which is a powerful earth sign flow. Mars is our desire on the surface. Pluto is our desire underneath the surface. When these two planets work together, we have an opportunity to deepen our understanding and deepen our manifestation.

This is great for intuition in business and aligning our desire with the desires of the soul.

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