Kabbalistic Astrology Monthly: Aries and Eclipse

Kabbalistic Astrology Monthly: Aries and Eclipse, InfoMistico.com

This month’s Kabbalistic astrology takes us from a deep emotional journey in Pisces to an energetic renewal in Aries. The special alignment of the New Moon and the Sun in Pisces intensifies our sensitivities and creative abilities, while Saturn and Neptune challenge us to face reality versus illusion. The transition to Aries brings a spirit of initiative, subtly modulated by the solar eclipse.

New Moon and Pisces: An Emotionally Intense Beginning

The powerful union of the Sun and Moon in Pisces and its impact on our sensitivity and creativity

The New Moon, marking the beginning of Pisces’ second month (Adar), comes charged with a peculiar and potent energy, especially since it coincides with the Sun in Pisces.

This means the traditional conjunction of the Sun and Moon occurs in the same zodiac sign, a rarity that, according to Kabbalistic knowledge, significantly amplifies the influence of this celestial event.

Usually, the New Moon appears in a different sign than the Sun, but this time, the mold or lunar birth resonates strongly in Pisces, giving the month that begins a special vibration.

This phenomenon invites us to a deep immersion in Pisces’ qualities, anticipating a period where sensitivity and emotions will be heightened.

It opens a conducive space to express and understand our feelings more clearly, allowing us to embrace our vulnerability and exercise deeper empathy toward ourselves and others.

With its rich vein of creativity and artistry, Pisces sharpens our intuition and connects us more intensely with the spiritual realm. It is an excellent time for reflection, forgiveness, and prayer. However, we may face challenges such as feeling victimized, heightened susceptibility, and a tendency to evade reality.

Indecision and the desire to save others can lead us to dependencies, especially in interpersonal relationships.

Influence of Saturn and Neptune in Pisces: Between Reality and Fantasy

How the planetary alignment in Pisces fosters emotional growth and challenges our perceptions

The celestial configuration is enriched by Saturn and Neptune in Pisces, adding an intense aquatic energy that contrasts with the cold rationality of planets in air signs and the practicality of those in earth signs.

This balance between the elements is crucial to moderate the exuberant emotional flow characteristic of this period. However, the absence of fire elements could affect those associated with this element (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius), who might feel out of their natural element.

Saturn, the great teacher, becomes particularly relevant in Pisces, pushing us to confront and take responsibility for our emotions. This is a call to growth and emotional maturity for all signs, but especially for Pisceans, who may feel particularly challenged by the demands of this planet.

Accepting and working through these lessons offers an invaluable opportunity for personal evolution.

During this unique period, Neptune, a planet that exudes creativity and deep artistic sensitivity, will play a crucial role. Known as the lord of illusions, fantasy, and spirituality, Neptune finds a resonant echo in Pisces, allowing for a more fluid and powerful expansion of its energy.

The conjunction of the Sun with Neptune on March 16 promises to bathe us in this creative and spiritual light, making it accessible to all. However, it is vital to stay grounded and not fall into the trap of illusions and excessive expectations. Responsibility and reality must not be evaded at this time of reverie.

The Sun’s Arrival in Aries: Action and Renewal

The Transition to Aries Marks an Energetic Awakening

As we approach March 20th, the Sun’s entry into Aries signifies a major turning point, even as we remain within the lunar cycle of Pisces II, according to the Kabbalistic calendar.

This solar transit not only ushers in the astrological year with the spring equinox (or autumn for the Southern Hemisphere) but also invites us to embrace the fiery and entrepreneurial energy of Aries.

It’s a call to action, courage, and the exploration of new horizons. With Aries, energy becomes vibrant and conducive to launching projects, though it may also heighten impulsiveness and a propensity for confrontation.

Aries provides the element of fire that has been missing, infusing us with enthusiasm and renewed self-confidence.

On March 25th, two significant events coincide with Purim and a lunar eclipse in Libra. This celestial setup, with the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra, emphasizes the importance of relationships, balance, and harmony, especially since lunar eclipses tend to reveal hidden truths and bring unexpected news.

Unlike the traditional alignment of Purim with the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Virgo, this year’s configuration in Libra focuses on relational dynamics and the pursuit of equity.

Aries Eclipse: Introspection and Significant Changes

The Impact of the Solar Eclipse in Aries and the Opportunities It Brings

On April 8th, with the New Moon in Aries and the Kabbalistic month of Nisan, we will experience a solar eclipse that promises to modulate Aries’ typically vigorous energy deeply.

This phenomenon, acting as a veil over the solar brightness, will particularly affect those born under this sign, softening Arian qualities of determination, impulsiveness, and individual leadership.

The eclipse invites deeper reflection and openness to dialogue and diplomacy, providing a unique opportunity to foster harmony and mutual understanding.

The cycle from Pisces to Aries, marked by powerful celestial events, has offered us a unique opportunity for self-knowledge and transformation. From Piscean introspection to Arian action, each phase of the lunar and solar cycle reflects an aspect of our journey toward emotional and spiritual maturity, culminating in a call to harmony and mutual understanding.

This article serves as an astrological guide based on Kabbalistic astrology from The Kabbalah Centre and aims to provide information and insights for personal growth. It is recommended to use this knowledge as a complementary tool rather than letting the cosmos dictate our lives.

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