Month of Tammuz

Month of Tammuz,

The month of Tamuz (Cancer) is when emotional sensitivity takes center stage. Explore the profound impact of this triple water sign on our emotions, relationships and personal growth. Discover strategies for navigating challenges and harnessing cosmic energy for positive change.

Rosh Chodesh Tammuz: start of the month of Cancer

Tammuz is one of the three months of the year in which a person must act with the utmost care, according to the Kabbalah. The Zohar teaches us this based on the biblical verse that says: “… she hid him for three months” (Exodus 2:2).

During the months of Tamuz, Av and Tevet, corresponding to the zodiac signs Cancer, Leo and Capricorn respectively, an aspect of judgment appears in the world.

In this period, the universe deploys forces that generate stress and expose us to dangers, unless we have the necessary merit to overcome this stage. It is important to note that those who consider themselves fair do not fear trial since they trust that the sentences issued will be favorable to them. However, those of us who are not at that level of righteousness must take extreme precautions during these months.

Navigating the Stormy Waters of Cancer

How to Manage Emotions and Energies During Your Key Month

Protecting yourself from the trials that arise during the month of Cancer requires a deep understanding of your energy. According to Western astrology, Cancer is a water sign. However, from the perspective of the Kabbalah this sign is distinguished by being the only one in the zodiac that has three elements of water, thus turning it into triple water.

The element of water symbolizes emotions and sensitivity. During the month of Tamuz, we will all find ourselves under the influence of Cancer which leads us to experience greater emotional reactivity. It is important to recognize this tendency and be prepared to face it with serenity and balance, as our emotional responses can influence our ability to face the challenges and dangers inherent in this period of cosmic judgment.

The imbalance present in people born under the sign of Cancer is evident in the figure of the crab, their animal symbol. Unlike walking in a straight line, the crab moves laterally, either to the left or to the right.

This peculiar behavior reflects the inclination and polarized perspective that characterizes Cancers in their perception of the world around them. Everything tends to be classified into “black or white” categories and they are constantly in search of an absolute truth. They are extremist in their emotions.

Cancers experience deep love and give themselves completely, just as they can hate with comparable intensity, lifting a solid shell for protection. Like crabs, they have a tough appearance on the outside but inside they are very sensitive and delicate.

Because of their great sensitivity, people of the Cancer sign invest a considerable amount of energy in building a shield and armor against the outside world which they perceive as unstable.

This armor materializes both mentally and physically and impels them to focus on generating economic security that safeguards them. Once they feel that they have achieved this level of protection, they tend to perceive others as potential exploiters of their sensitivity, which leads them to strengthen their armor even more.

This endless cycle only finds its end in themselves, plunging them into a constant internal struggle to maintain that protective armor.

Work, Loyalty and Justice

Discovering the Drive That Guides Cancers to Material Safety

The Cancerian nature is characterized by its inclination towards justice, which translates into remarkable honesty, decency and responsibility. To achieve long-awaited material security, they devote a great deal of time and effort to their work.

Loyalty and family values occupy a central place in the lives of Cancers, as long as there is no suspicion that any member of the family is motivated by economic interests in relation to them.

Intuition in the Belly

The Power of Emotional Sensitivity among Cancers in the Business World

The stomach is the most sensitive organ in the body to Cancers which indicates that the decision-making process is largely based on emotions rather than rationality. While this may seem like a disadvantage in some cases, this uncommon sensitivity can turn into a valuable advantage.

Intuition and sensitivity are key elements for achieving business success and many Cancers excel in the business world, especially in service-oriented industries. This almost mystical quality allows them to anticipate problems even before they arise, giving them a significant advantage in their ability to foresee and resolve challenging situations.

Cancer and the Legacy of Sin

The Intriguing Relationship Between the Letter ‘Jet’ and Crucial Moments in History

Month of Tammuz,

The Cancer constellation is associated with the letter “Jet” which according to the Book of Formation has no positive connotation. It should be noted that this letter, in Hebrew, shares a pronunciation with the word “Jet” which means “sin”.

Historically, it is recorded that the sin of the golden calf occurred on the 17th of Tammuz coinciding with this constellation. In addition, thousands of years later, the destruction of Jerusalem also began on that same date.

These historical and symbolic connections highlight the relevance of this period and its implications for Cancer-related traditions and beliefs.

Emotional Instability in Cancer

Exploring emotional tides and their impact on personality

Just as the lunar cycle affects the tides, it also produces extreme emotional changes of ups and downs, so Cancers tend to emotional intensification.

They tend to experience constant emotional tides; joy and enthusiasm are often followed by depression and bitterness. This state of emotional instability can lead to a polarized personality. The sages of Kabbalah teach that the month of Cancer is when all cancers begin.

We’re not talking about the moment when a doctor detects cancer; we’re talking about when that first cell becomes a cancer cell and what triggers that change is emotional fall, bitterness, resentment, victimization and sadness.

This is not a month to let yourself be carried away by those negative emotions, as it is extremely dangerous. This is a month to shine like the Moon. The more light it reflects, the bigger it will look.

Cancer and Emotional Freedom

How to harness sensitivity for a deeper connection

It is crucial to recognize and value the qualities of sharing and sensitivity present in people born under the sign of Cancer, as well as in all of us during this month. These qualities can be used as tools to transform judgment into mercy.

During this period, Cancers and all of us must take advantage of our sensitivity to feel others and share with them. This is the way to free ourselves from our inner sensitivity and the associated pain. By transforming our egoism, we achieve a deeper connection with the life and light that surrounds us.

It’s common for Cancers to give generously and then feel let down, immediately retreating to a dark place. This is because they often come up with a hidden agenda. Because it is difficult for them to open up and show themselves internally, they seek acceptance from others through their acts of generosity.

For at least this month, the key lies in giving without expecting anything in return, simply by the very act of giving. It is precisely through this selfless act that we can achieve the greatness that emanates from the Moon. The more we reflect the light we receive, the less we will be affected by external judgments and our self-criticism.

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