May´s Kabbalah Angels

Information and reference of the Kabbalah Angels of May, classified with Jewish and Gregorian calendars.

Ángel 14 Mebahel

Angel Number 14 Mebahel

Angel number 14 Mebahel shines as the guardian of harmony and justice in Kabbalah. His divine mission is to free us from the oppressive bonds of the past and to dispel the shadows that cloud our emotions. Mebahel guides us to genuine love and serenity, allowing us to resolve conflicts without resorting to violence.

Angel 13 Iezalel

Angel Number 13 Iezalel

The 13th Angel of Kabbalah has a powerful influence that can transform your life in love, friendship and procreation. Through his heavenly essence, by invoking him, you can attract blessings and reconciliation in your relationships. It is your ally in the search for true love the creation of meaningful friendships and the cultivation of quality human relationships.

Angel 12 Hahaiah

Angel Number 12 Hahaiah

Meet Hahaiah the 12th Angel who embodies selfless love and freedom from mental attachments. Its influence encompasses the harmony between people, humanity and nature. Discover how its radiant light protects you and guides you to hidden mysteries. A powerful ally in your quest for victory.

Angel 11 Laoviah

Angel Number 11 Laoviah

Laoviah gives us the valuable gift of establishing a link with the divine that resides within us what we know as our Divine Spark. This angelic name personifies the perfect fusion between wisdom and love, infusing in us an unparalleled spiritual power.

Angel 10 Aladiah

Angel Number 10 Aladiah

Would you like to have protection, healing and success in your life? Angel 10 Aladiah can help you. This angel is known for his ability to protect against the evil eye and envy, cure diseases and facilitate business success. It can also grant forgiveness for bad actions and facilitate contact with influential people.

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