Angel Number 14 Mebahel

Angel Number 14 Mebahel,

Number: 14
Tree of Life: it is located in the sphere of Kohmat “Wisdom”
Planetary energies: Uranus and Venus
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Zodiac Regency: from 5° to 10° Gemini, 13° Aries, 25° Gemini, 5° Virgo, 19° Scorpio, and 0° Aquarius
Meaning: “Conservative God”
Prince: Archangel Raziel
Regency hours: from 04:20 to 04:40

Angel 14 Mebahel

    • Helps to resolve conflicts without violence.
    • Teachers therefore the way of authentic love. Brings victory over oppressive emotions and suffering.
    • Frees from chains and toxic loves of the past. Also from those of false expectations.
    • The light of the Name and angel, connect us with the wisdom of nature.
    • Teaches us to listen and pay attention to our instinct.
    • Confers great intuition and inspiration, sometimes even telepathic transmission.
    • Is the angel of vibration, of rhythm, of sound.
    • His influence puts an end to all kinds of conflicts. It is invoked to ask for justice and protection. It grants justice; benevolent impartiality of a court, and liberation of oppressed prisoners.
    • This angel is related to the ability to preserve our property, so it is often invoked against people who wish to appropriate the property of others and protect their fortune.
    • Love and celebrity in the exercise of jurisprudence.
    • Protection against slander, false testimony, and lawsuits.
    • Reconquest of what was unjustly lost.
    • Fight against ego.

How to invoke the Angel Mebahel (dates and times)

  • Schedule: 04:20 to 04:40
  • Regency Jewish calendar: 4-8 of Sivan, 5783
  • Regency gregorian calendar: May 24-28, April 2, June 15, August 27, November 11, and January 21
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Hebrew Letter Angel Mebahel

Angel Number 14 Mebahel,


Resolving Conflicts Without Violence

Psalm 9, Verse 10

Angel Number 14 Mebahel,
The Lord is a bulwark for the oppressed, a bulwark in times of danger.

Characteristics of people born under the regency of the Angel Mebahel

  • People influenced by the angel Mébahel are dedicated, discreet, and shrewd, and hardly manage to be deceived.
  • They possess great knowledge of justice, and that is why in case they feel threatened by their integrity or those of their close ones, they will fight fiercely until they manage to vanish any veil or vestige of outrage.
  • Dream codifier, connoisseur of material and spiritual laws.
  • Always the bearer of good news, he will be a selfless defender of innocent people in an urbanistic way. Through his ego, he marks the strong presence of his spirit.
  • Lives his day-to-day with nobility and dignity in his actions. Sometimes he will have a strong impression that he is living something that already happened in another dimension or in another life.
  • They will be very adaptable and their life will be transmutation in the sense of spiritual regeneration. You will not waste time in futilities and in whatever environment you are in, you will be the center of attention for your wisdom, good sense, serenity, and intuition.
  • Their Angel can show them great knowledge and the legacy of other incarnations, to be used with people who need help. They will have the gift of oratory and strong discernment.
  • Are people with a great sense of justice and morality, which devote much of their lives to defending the weakest of injustice and immorality.
  • Professionally, they will be able to shine in the legal profession, as authors of legal texts, or specialize in processes that they will prove using historical myths.
  • Our struggle for a more just society will be recognized at the international level. He will promote acts against genocide and will be “immortal”.
  • In diplomatic or judicial work, they will have their greatest achievements.
  • Those born under the influence of this angel abhor slander, hypocrisy, and lies.

Negative Aspects (Angel Qlifot 14)

Dominates slander and the ability to lie. He will use the money to incriminate the innocent and favor the guilty. Will speak of a non-existent connection with the celestial world.

Will be a severe codifier. Author of harsh laws that demand sacrifices. He will manipulate the credulous, through technical or scenic effects, using black magic. A specialist in divorces, he will be able to compromise the spouse with false accusations.

Reflective Story

“The avenging angel”

At least in his opinion, no one had ever experienced such deep melancholy as that which enveloped the re Azor at these moments. He had ordered that silence be maintained throughout his kingdom until his sadness subsided completely because it was so deep.

Except for Sátur, the Supreme Judge of the kingdom, no one ventured to disobey that order. However, as you know, no one is allowed to enter the prison city. All who approach it become slaves and spend eternity there.

The King’s sadness and sorrow increased as he continued to listen to the Judge’s comments. The silence was broken by someone when all hope seemed lost.

A young knight rode into the kingdom on the back of a white stallion. Nothing seemed to surprise him; in fact, it could be said that he was fully aware of what was going on. He quickly arrived at the royal hall where he discovered King Azor in despair that no one was standing in his way.

—I have arrived as quickly as I could, Your Majesty,— said the knight politely. -I apologize if my delay has worsened your situation.

—Am I dreaming,— asked the frail Azor in a trembling voice. —Is it a hallucination, since you claim that I requested your presence,— continued the king in shock.

—No, your majesty, you have sent for me, if you remember; is not your son a prisoner in the prison city?

—Yes, indeed, he is, and I would exchange my kingdom for his freedom,— said the king, unable to control himself.

—If so, tell me a secret,— ordered the enigmatic warrior.

—There is no secret in my kingdom,— replied the perplexed monarch.

—You are mistaken, for the chief of the inmates of the prison city bought the hearts of all when they were sold as slaves.

—Are you implying that my son thus serves the masterless Light?

—It is true, Your Majesty, and the chief of the prisoners can only be defeated by the person who has the mastery of the Light.

—And what can I do?— asked Azor in sorrow.

—To present him to the Justice of the Ages, I will go to meet him. If he knows how to use the Light to illuminate the unknown path, I will give it to him, and he will return safe and sound. If not, he will always work for the Prison, his only boss.

According to legend, the knight managed to finish off the head of the prison, and King Azor then left with his son. The dashing warrior became known as Mebahel, the Angel of Justice, from that very day.


Is Mebahel one of your Kabbalah guardian angels?

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