Angel Number 14 Mebahel

Angel Number 14 Mebahel,

Number: 14
Tree of Life: sphere of Kohmat “Wisdom”
Planetary energies: Uranus and Venus
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Zodiac Regency: 5° to 10° Gemini, 13° Aries, 25° Gemini, 5° Virgo, 19° Scorpio and 0° Aquarius
Meaning: “Conservative God”
Prince: Archangel Raziel
Regency hours: 04:20 to 04:40

Angel 14 Mebahel: The Angel of Harmony and Justice in the Kabbalah

Angel number 14, Mebahel, shines as the guardian of harmony and justice. This angel works tirelessly so that we can resolve our conflicts with serenity without the burden of violence. His teaching lies in showing us the path to genuine love, dispelling the shadows that cloud our emotions and afflict us with suffering.

Mebahel in his divine mission frees us from oppressive ties with toxic pasts and disappointments rooted in false expectations. The light of his name, reverberating in every corner of our lives, leads us to the profound wisdom of nature and urges us to tune in to our instincts.

This angel of vibration, rhythm and sound gives us powerful intuition and boundless inspiration and can open up telepathic transmission channels. Their influence is a peaceful solution to conflicts, providing justice and protection and freeing the oppressed.

Mebahel is invoked not only to protect our assets from those who seek to rob us of them but also to help us recover what we have unjustly lost. With him by our side, we can fight against the ego and stay true to our essence.

Its protection is particularly powerful against slander, false testimony and legal disputes. In jurisprudence, he becomes a heavenly lawyer, bestowing love and recognition in exercising justice.

Secrets to Invoking the Angel 14 Mebahel

  • Schedule: 04:20 to 04:40
  • Regency Jewish calendar: 16-20 of Iyyar, 5784
  • Regency Gregorian calendar: May 24-28, April 2, June 15, August 27, November 11 and January 21

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Hebrew Letter Angel Mebahel

Angel Number 14 Mebahel,


Resolving Conflicts Without Violence

Psalm 9, Verse 10

Angel Number 14 Mebahel,
The Lord is a bulwark for the oppressed, a bulwark in times of danger.

Angel 14 Mebahel: Characteristics and virtues of those born under his mantle

Those born under the mantle of the Angel Mebahel are distinguished by their dedicated character, their discretion and an unsurpassed sagacity that makes them practically immune to deception.

In their soul lies a profound knowledge of justice, an inner fire that impels them to defend their integrity and that of those they love in the face of any threat, fighting with untamable tenacity to the point of dispelling the slightest shadow of injustice.

These people, being echoes of divine vibrations, become decipherers of dreams and experts in both material and spiritual laws. They are heralds of good news, urban champions who defend the innocent in an altruistic way, letting their spirit mark their presence through the ego.

They live their lives with unwavering nobility and dignity, sometimes showing themselves as if they were reliving experiences from other dimensions or from past lives.

They are masters of adaptation, embodying transmutation in search of spiritual regeneration. They don’t waste time on trivia and thanks to their wisdom, good judgment, serenity and intuition, they tend to be the center of attention in any environment.

The Angel Mebahel gives these people the legacy of vast knowledge acquired in other incarnations, intended to be used for the benefit of those who need help. They are endowed with the gift of oratory and an acute capacity for discernment.

They are souls dedicated to justice and morality, tireless defenders of the most vulnerable. Professionally, they tend to stand out in the field of law, creating highly relevant legal texts or specializing in cases that require the invocation of historical myths to be resolved.

The tireless struggle of these people for a fairer society has gained global recognition. They lead actions against genocide which has led them to be considered “immortal”. Their most significant achievements are often presented in diplomatic or judicial roles.

Those born under the influence of this angel have a profound aversion to slander, hypocrisy and lies, showing themselves as pillars of truth and righteousness at all times.

Ángel Qlifot 14: Master of Slander and Deception in the Legal Field

The dark counterpart of the Angel Mebahel, known as the Angel Qlifot 14 is characterized by dominating negative aspects such as slander and lies. This being uses money as an instrument to incriminate the innocent and benefit the guilty, falsely claiming to be connected to the heavenly world.

In its rigidity, it acts as a severe codifier, author of strict laws that demand sacrifices. A skilled manipulator, he seduces the gullible through techniques and stage effects, even resorting to black magic.

In the legal field, his specialty lies in divorces being able to compromise spouses with false accusations.

Mebahel: The Legend of the Justicier Angel and His Unbreakable Power

Let me immerse you in the legend of the vigilante angel, Mebahel, an ancient story that is woven in the threads of time.

Once, in a kingdom darkened by sadness, King Azor, a man shrouded in deep melancholy, decreed silence until the dark cloud of his sorrow was dispelled.

This sadness was born of his son, captive in a prison city that no one dared to approach, because all those who tried were trapped forever in the eternity of slavery.

The king’s desperation was compounded by the reports of the kingdom’s Supreme Judge, Satur. However, the veil of sadness was torn when a glimmer of hope broke through the kingdom: a gentleman riding a white stallion with a serene face and unshakable confidence.

This gentleman, slipping through the shadows of despair, came to the throne of the grieving Azor, apologizing for his delay. The monarch, bewildered and wobbly, doubted if he was hallucinating. I didn’t remember asking for help. But then the gentleman mentioned the prisoner, the king’s son.

The revelation stunned the king. How was it possible that your son, imprisoned and subdued, served the Light without a master in the heart of the dark dungeon?

But the gentleman was clear. The leader of the prisoners, a manipulative villain, could only be defeated by the one who had the mastery of the Light. And so the knight undertook to challenge the cruel jailer and free the king’s son.

The determination of this gallant warrior carried out the promise. He challenged and defeated the prisoner leader, freeing not only the king’s son but all the slaves in the prison city.

After this feat, the knight, now known as Mebahel, the Angel of Justice, set out, leaving in his wake a kingdom in peace and a king full of gratitude. And so, the legend of the vigilante angel was born, a story of courage and justice, a beacon of hope in the midst of despair.

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