Archangel Raziel

Raziel, whose name means «Secret of God», is the «Archangel of the Mysteries». Also called «Suriel», «Raziel», «Ratziel», «Saraquel» or «Galizur», this Archangel is known in Jewish mysticism and the Kabbalistic tradition for his role as guardian of secrets.
Archangel Raziel,

Archangel Raziel – Secret of God

Raziel has beautiful blue wings, a very bright golden aura around his head and blue clothing with lichen-like properties (i.e., they look a bit like they are made of liquid).

The legend about Raziel’s book

Raziel possesses profound and hidden truths about God, the soul and the universe, among other things. In keeping with that role, he is famous for being the supposed author of a book in which lie some 1500 keys that comprise the essentials of heavenly and earthly knowledge.

Thus, it is not surprising that, in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, he is the one who presides over the second Sephirah: Hochmah, the sphere of Wisdom (the capital letter indicates that it represents an aspect of the Divine).

Second Book of Enoch

Raziel was mentioned for the first time in the Second Book of Enoch or «Slavic Enoch», with the name of «Raguel or Rasuel».

In his mention in the Tárgum (translation of the Hebrew Bible into Aramaic or other languages spoken by the Jewish people), we are told that every day, from Mount Horeb, Raziel proclaims the great secrets to all mankind and his voice resounds throughout the world, although not everyone hears it.

As to his rank, it is believed that he presides over the angelic choir of cherubim, although he is also the leader of the Ophanim.

However, there is some obscurity in this matter (this is almost always the case with angels), for the Ophanim, allegorically described as luminous, eye-covered wheels driving the Chariot of God, are equated with the Thrones, the third choir in the conventional hierarchy of angels.

The legend that the rank of Raziel

On the other hand, there is a legend that Raziel’s rank was less elevated before and that is why his name was different: he was called Jeremiel, which means «Mercy of God» since he presided over the souls awaiting resurrection.

The experts in angels agree that Raziel is capable of providing revelations, without the need for studies, to the correct and honest man, even more so if he was born between May 1st and June 10th, since that is the period of the regency of the angel.

These revelations fundamentally concern deep spiritual or philosophical truths and generally manifest themselves as spontaneous intuitions.

It is not that Raziel descends and speaks personally to the individual, although so-called «channelers» claim to receive personal, verbal and explicit revelations from angels, including Raziel.

Angel of Magic

Within his role of revelatory angel, Raziel is the Angel of Magic. Patron of alchemists, magicians and clairvoyants.

Raziel is the ideal angel for those who seek angelic help in tasks related to astrology, the creation of amulets, divination, the understanding of esoteric theories and that sort of thing; as long as, it should be clarified, there is no black magic or dark things involved.

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