Archangel Raziel: Guardian of Divine Mysteries

Archangel Raziel: Guardian of Divine Mysteries,

Archangel Raziel, whose name translates as “Secret of God,” is distinguished as the guardian of heavenly mysteries and secrets. He is known in various traditions, especially in Jewish mysticism and the Kabbalah, and has been given several names over time, including “Suriel,” “Ratziel,” “Saraqel,” and “Galizur.”

Between Secrets and Wisdom: The Enigmatic Presence of Raziel in Mysticism

Explore the history and symbolism of one of the most mysterious and revealing archangels in the spiritual universe.

This archangel not only guards mysteries but also understands profound truths about God, the soul, and the universe. Indeed, it is said that he wrote a book containing about 1,500 fundamental keys to knowledge, both celestial and terrestrial.

His prominence in mysticism is underscored by his position on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, where he presides over the second Sephirah, Hochmah, symbolizing wisdom and an aspect of the Divinity.

The first known record of Raziel is found in the “Second Book of Enoch” or “Slavonic Enoch,” where he is named “Raguel” or “Rasuel.”

According to the Targum, an Aramaic translation of the Hebrew Bible, Raziel proclaims the divine secrets to humanity daily from Mount Horeb. Although his voice resonates throughout the world, not everyone can hear it.

Regarding his position in the angelic hierarchy, Raziel is believed to lead the choir of the cherubim and at the same time, is the chief of the Ophanim. However, this classification generates some confusion, as the Ophanim, depicted as luminous wheels filled with eyes that propel the Chariot of God, are usually identified with the Thrones, the third angelic choir.

A legend holds that Raziel did not always occupy such a high position in the hierarchy. Previously, he was known as Jeremiel, “Mercy of God,” and his role was to watch over the souls awaiting resurrection.

Angel experts assert that Raziel provides direct revelations, without the mediation of studies, especially to those born between May 1 and June 10, his approximate ruling period. These revelations are often spiritual or philosophical truths that present themselves as spontaneous intuitions.

Although it is not common for Raziel to communicate directly with humans, some channelers claim to receive explicit messages from him and other angels.

Raziel: The Guardian of Secrets and Magic

From Paradise to Abyss: Raziel’s Forbidden Gift to Humanity

Raziel, recognized as the Angel of Magic, plays a crucial role as a revealing angel. He is the guardian and protector of alchemists, magicians, and clairvoyants.

Those wishing to receive angelic assistance in matters related to astrology, the creation of amulets, divination, and the understanding of esoteric theories, can seek Raziel. However, it is essential to understand that he should not intervene in practices of black magic or dark actions.

Located near the throne of God, Raziel not only occupied a physical place but also a heightened state of enlightenment. This position allowed him to hear everything and possess the unique ability to look into the eyes of any being and know every truth about it.

The story goes that, when Adam and Eve disobeyed God by tasting the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, they were banished from Eden.

Aware of this transgression, Raziel granted them a book filled with revelations. This book would provide a deeper understanding of the nature of God and indicate how to return to Him and His celestial abode. However, Raziel’s action was not well received by other angels.

Despite Raziel’s benevolence and wisdom, the angels serving him, in addition to serving God, were less autonomous in their thinking. Outraged by Raziel’s decision to give the secret book without consulting God, they took the book from Adam and Eve and submerged it in the sea.

In an unexpected turn, Rahab, the primordial demon of the depths, retrieved the book and returned it to the first human couple. However, some rabbis believe it was God, in an act of internal agreement with Raziel, who extracted the book from the sea and returned it to Adam and Eve as a gesture of mercy towards His transgressive children…