Fill your home with love and peace from Archangels Jophiel and Michael

Fill your home with love and peace from Archangels Jophiel and Michael,

The environments in which we spend most of our time whether at home or at work, are charged with positive and negative energies. It is up to you to decide which of these energies will benefit you the most.

How to clean your negative energies at home with the help of Archangels Jophiel and Michael

When negative energies persist and remain stagnant, they generate an oppressive and heavy environment. For this reason, it is necessary to remove these energies to maintain a positive balance in your environment.

Angels can help you with this task.

Everything around us is composed of energy and also the thoughts, feelings and words we emit are part of that energy. The presence of arguments, uncomfortable situations, worries and illnesses, among other factors, negatively affect the harmonious balance of your home or work.

Your desire should always be a safe and harmonious home, full of love, peace and balance.

To achieve this, it is necessary to carry out measures to cleanse and remove these negative energies. This can be achieved through effort, the intention to release what no longer serves us and also by requesting the help of the angels.

The angels are ready to give you that support anytime you need it. Below are simple steps you can take to achieve a harmonious environment in your home or workplace with the help of the Archangels Jophiel and Michael.

Start tidying up your home

The first step is to carry out thorough physical cleaning. This involves dusting, vacuuming or sweeping, and mopping among other cleaning actions.

Check the closets and cupboards to remove everything you do not use and decide if it is necessary to keep those things or discard them. The same action should be repeated in the drawers of the bedrooms, kitchen and desks. Do not leave any corner uncleaned.

Keep hallways clear and free of unnecessary obstacles so that positive energy can circulate freely throughout your home.

Donate the things you don’t need

You should get rid of those items that you no longer use, but keep for sentimental value. By donating these items, you are allowing other people to benefit and use them as well. Also, for new things to come to you, you must first be without them.

Consider the happiness you will bring to others by giving them something you no longer use and they need. The feeling of well-being and contentment in your heart is priceless. On the other hand, by giving to others, we open space to receive more positive things in our lives.

Ask Archangel Michael for help

Invite Archangel Michael to enter every corner of your home and use his celestial sword to release any negative energy that has accumulated.

This archangel is known as a protector and is very strong and powerful. He can protect you, your family and your home from any evil or danger. To invoke his presence simply open your windows and call upon him.

Declare your Intentions with Jophiel

It is time to affirm our intention and seal the energetic cleansing of our home. Call upon the Archangel Jophiel to bring his light and presence to your space and fill it with love, peace and harmony. Light white candles and place pink flowers to symbolize renewal and the manifestation of all that is beautiful and positive.

Declare that your home is a sacred place, blessed with divine light and full of positive energy.

Every person who enters it will be welcomed with love and blessings, and will feel embraced by the presence of your angels.

This is your home sweet home and you are grateful for the presence of the angels and the positive energy in it.

Express your gratitude to God, Archangel Michael and Jophiel for their help in removing the negative energies in your home and for their cooperation in filling it with light, peace and love. This act of gratitude reflects the humility and appreciation you have for their presence and help in your life.