Interpretation of candles

Interpretation of candles,

There are even methods in which candles are used to read the future, but in the case of Candle Magic, the interpretation of candles will help us to know how our work works, whether something goes wrong or something goes right.

Meaning and interpretation of candles, flame, and wax

The candle represents the human being, wax represents the physical body, the wick represents the mind and the flame represents the spirit.

Through the observation of its evolution when it burns we can see and intuit the results. When we have a large number of candles filled and impregnated with our energy, we will also have in front of us a magnificent book of interpretations.

The wax of the candle

The wax while it is consumed can produce drawings, both on the floor of the pan, as well as on its sides when falling, also wax can come off and go far away from the place of location, in special cases the whole candle can jump and appear far away from the corresponding place.

The candle wick

The wick (the cord), can be small, short, or medium, and can also sizzle.

The candle flame

The flame can grow, move, shrink, and smoke and it can also be bluish, red, yellow, or white, it can even go out for no reason.

The wick (the cord), can be small, short, or medium, and can also sizzle.

Meanings for candle wax

The wax has formed on the sides a mountain of tears. Meaning: observing its appearance, many times we can see a virgin or an angelic figure. Positive result.

Wax has formed on the sides some pointed forms, like thorns (not moons) Meaning: difficulties, there are energies contrary to our interests.

Bunches of grapes are formed with the wax in the cup or base. Meaning: everything is going well. Prosperity. Health.

In the cup or base faces or drawings of animals are observed. Meaning: We have little strength, there is little visualization.

Whole pieces of candles with moon shapes are detached in the bowl or base. Meaning: If you look at the horns to the left forces that are helping us, soon there will be an answer. If the horns of the moon look to the right something is impeding our request.

Outside the bowl or base, we find pieces of wax. Meaning: look closely at the piece/s, we can intuit if what has come off suggests something positive or negative.

For works to combat evil, it is very positive to observe if what is detached represents evil things, which announces that we are breaking the evil.

Instead in the normal ones, the meaning is the opposite, if the wax represents good, it means that everything is going well, while if the detached rest seems ugly or unpleasant, something is not working or there are resistances.

Meanings for the candle wick

Wick is high even though it is burning. Meaning: good vibrations, some forces help us.

The wick is normal. Meaning: slow process.

The candle wick is too short. Meaning: something is wrong, there is a lack of energy.

Meanings for the candle flame

The flame is high. Meaning: very positive.

Very small. Meaning: negative.

Sputtering. Meaning: something is wrong.

Turns off (there must be no draft, never in the room). Meaning: that we must start the novena again and rethink our goals.

It is bluish. Meaning: the mind of the person we are working with receives our message.

Yellow Ace. Meaning: energy is lacking, the person/s we are working with do not receive or reject our energy.

Is bright and red. Meaning: immediate results.

White. Meaning: higher beings come to the aid of the person(s).

Contains two colors. Meaning: to unite the previous meanings.

These are the most important and common situations and meanings that we can find doing a ritual, petition, or novena.

Of course, as we learn and know the results, we can add new personal meanings, in this case, and as in everything, the experience will help us to know the possible interpretations of the candles.

Is it possible that the candles burn without expressing anything

Also, add that the candles may burn without expressing anything, no wax falls, and are consumed entirely, the meaning that is usually given is rather negative, but not in terms of the realization of the request.

Usually, the meaning given is rather negative, but not in terms of the preparation and predisposition in the act, it is usually remedied in the next session (when the candles are replaced).

Also in this case the meaning can be that what we are asking for is already solved or in the process of being solved without the need for ritual or novena.

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