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Honey candles not only fill us with an aroma that sweetens the environment but they are said to be magical as well because they attract good luck, wealth, health and prosperity, as well as love and happiness.

Honey candle ritual for good luck and prosperity

These candles are considered symbols of the Higher Self, “I am the energy and teachings transmitted by the Supreme Masters“. The power of honey candles, they are a magical thing. They can be found in various forms:

  • Strips of dense foliage with honey rolled up and with a wick to light them.
  • Made with honey wax. They usually emanate a lot of fragrance.
  • Candles that are not honey, only resemble the color.

However, if we want the ritual to attract good fortune to be more effective, the candles should be made with our own hands.

How to make honey candles?

To make a honey candle, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Honey rusk or a beehive wall. Roll them into a coil.
  • A wick at the tip of the candle.

Following these two simple steps, we will have our personalized honey candle.

Ritual of honey candles step by step

Very important the ritual of lighting honey candles should be done on the 11th and 22nd of each month, being master numbers has more power and on these days special energy is generated. In those days, we are more connected with spiritual beings and with the Universe.

On that day (11 or 22), take the candle in your hands and think of what you need most, light the honey candle and on the left side place a glass of water and on the right side a stick of incense; let them burn naturally.

Ideally, use three candles and place them in a triangle shape to reinforce your request for health, love, abundance and well-being for your family or closest friends.

IMPORTANT: never leave lit candles unattended.

Once the candles are consumed, throw the waste into a stream, river, sea, etc., the important thing is that there is a current of water. This is usually done so that your wishes and luck will flow like water.

You can also use honey candles to enhance other rituals, as their energy is very powerful and in those cases, we want extra help.

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