Candles and Candlesticks

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tears of candles / lagrimas de las velas

Tears candle meaning

The overflow of wax at the edges of candles, which looks like a tear, has a spiritual meaning. The dripping of drops from a burning candle has a meaning that goes beyond a simple tear. It is a spiritual phenomenon.

Principales Arcángeles y el color de vela que les corresponde

Archangels and Candles: Connection Through Colors

The correspondence between the archangels and the colors of the candles. List of the main archangels along with the candle tone attributed to them. However, always remember to follow your intuition and let yourself be guided by your heart. If at any time you feel the need to use a different candle color, go ahead, you have the power to decide!

Aprende a interpretar las llamas de las velas / Learn how to interpret candle flames

Interpreting Candle Flames

If the candle burns quickly, your wish will be granted quickly and the area it is in is also very clean. A problem you will have to solve in the future is indicated by the layers of wax that remain around the candle after the wick is extinguished.

Meaning and interpretation of candles, flame and wax / Significado e interpretación de las velas

Interpretation of candles

There are even methods in which candles are used to read the future, but in the case of Candle Magic, its interpretation will help us to know how our work works, whether something goes wrong or something goes right.

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