How to extinguish candles

How to extinguish candles,

Candles are very powerful in many rituals and forms of magic. Did you know that it would be enough to blow out a candle to undo all the effects of a flame? A flame can calm souls and ward off evil spirits.

Why should a candle never be extinguished by blowing it out?

We are used to blowing out candles at birthdays and home because it is simple. However, this method is not ideal.

Each candle color used in rituals or prayers has a particular meaning. Candles are often used to calm the soul and dispel negative energy. While the flame of the candle symbolizes your connection to heaven, its wax serves as an anchor to earth.

Extinguishing a candle would be tantamount to taking away its benefits.

The energies would abruptly stop flowing and the connection with the contacted deity would abruptly end.

How do you extinguish a candle?

Remember that most modern candles are cheap and made of kerosene. Therefore, it is preferable to let them burn out completely in a safe place. You can extinguish the flame with wet hands, a spoon, or even a candle snuffer if you choose a traditional beeswax candle, which is more expensive.

How should you light a candle?

Be careful; lighting a candle with a lighter is never a good idea. Use matches instead of candles because their association with the earth, one of the four elements, is reinforced by their wooden construction.

As with candles, it is better to let the match burn out on its own rather than blowing on it.

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