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The overflow of wax at the edges of candles, which looks like a tear, has a spiritual meaning. The dripping of drops from a burning candle has a meaning that goes beyond a simple tear. It is a spiritual phenomenon.

Tears from candles meaning — How to interpret the message in candles?

This article will teach you how to interpret this behavior and its hidden message.

The appearance of drops on a burning candle has a meaning that goes beyond the melting of the wax by the fire. It is known in esotericism as “tearing” and implies an energetic charge received during the ritual or petition.

At the time of performing a prayer, ritual, or incantation, the request is usually accompanied by a candle. To predict the effectiveness or power of your wish, reading the language of candles can be of great help.

There are several hidden messages hidden in lit candles that can be interpreted according to the way they melt, the behavior of the flame and the remains they leave when they are finished. Candle tears have a meaning that depends on many variants such as the side where the drops fall, the speed and the tone.

The tear of the candle falls on the right side

It indicates that the ritual, spell, or prayer has the right energetic charge to fulfill our request.

It also warns about the arrival of positive things or solutions to problems.

The tear of the candle falls on the left side

Represents that the request or desire will not be fulfilled immediately.

Its interpretation is not pessimistic but speaks of a negative response, doubt, or uncertainty. It is a sign that things will take much longer than we had planned.

The tear of the candle changes direction

If the base teardrop has a change of direction, either from left to right or right to left, it denotes doubt about the request.

One may not be entirely sure of having performed the ritual or spell or of the desired results.

Tears from the candle slide rapidly downward

This is a good sign, it occurs when the wish is going to be fulfilled soon.

It also warns of the arrival of people or a situation that will produce positive things in your life.

Tears of the candle slowly descend

This reflects a lack of determination (or faith) to proceed with the ritual.

This is also a sign that the request cannot be carried out on its own; a positive attitude and concrete actions are needed for it to be fulfilled.

Tears from the candle slowed down in the center and accumulated

It is a good sign if you notice that the wax drops from your candles stop in the center and accumulate.

Your wishes will be fulfilled sooner than expected.

Tears of small candle drops form a larger one as they descend

The fall of several drops that unify and form a larger one that falls to the base, indicates nervousness, insecurity, or stress about the situation.

Most likely some events need to be resolved as soon as possible, however, it is not entirely negative and probably, a person will come to help us find solutions.

Tears of candle splitting

It means tranquility, calm, peace and pauses.

With great probability, our request will be fulfilled.

Drop with dark or cloudy coloration

Is a warning sign if the drop becomes cloudy when falling.

It is a betrayal or an unexpected event. On the contrary, if the drop darkens, but then clears up, it indicates that the situation will resolve itself.

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