Wednesday series characters and zodiac signs

Wednesday series characters and zodiac signs,

Wednesday is undoubtedly the series of the season and of course, we had to analyze the main characters and associate their personalities with the archetypes of the signs of the Zodiac.

According to your sign, which character of the series Wednesday are you?

The truth is that it could not be less. What’s more, after doing it we could say that all of them coincide with almost 99%. Do you dare to see which one are you? Let’s find out which Wednesday character you are according to your sign.

Aries — Gomez Addams

The Aries character couldn’t be anyone else… Gomez Addams is optimistic, cheerful, very permissive and super open-minded.

Wednesday series characters and zodiac signs,

At times he may seem serious but he has a very funny undertone. For him, one of the most important things in life is his family and he will do anything to defend it.

He’s in love, gives himself completely to love and is super passionate, just like you, Aries. Pure fire. On the other hand, he is very good at risky sports such as knife throwing or fencing.

He is a person who, despite being very successful in his life, is not obsessed with money and can spend thousands of dollars on any whim. Happiness is his main priority in life. Just like Aries.

Taurus — Pugsley Addams

He has a heart of gold and is more sensitive than he appears when first seen.

Wednesday series characters and zodiac signs,

Always willing to help in any way he can. His mind is full of creativity and he makes many inventions from scratch.

His protective side stands out and he is very family oriented. He misses his loved ones very much and takes it out on them. In some aspects of his life, he can be a bit traditional, but he is happy this way, with everything in order.

Gemini — Tyler Galpin

Tyler’s personality could not be other than Gemini, with two very marked facets.

Wednesday series characters and zodiac signs,

He is sensitive, sometimes a little introspective and does not usually think too much about the future, but lives in the present. On the other hand, he is charming and kind when he wants to be and can manipulate very well when he wants to get something.

He always manages to get out of complicated situations and is a very good friend. Naturally, he hides a big secret, as do most Geminis.

Cancer — Eugene Otinger

Eugene has a personality that fits Cancer very well. He comes across as sincere, sensitive and very sweet.

Wednesday series characters and zodiac signs,

He has a strong concept of friendship. Surely he would not betray his loved ones and, no matter what happens, he will stand by the people he considers almost his family. However, sometimes it is a little difficult for him to integrate, he is too sensitive and some things hurt him, but he does not tell them.

Although she may seem fragile, she is NOT weak. On the contrary, he is much braver than many others.

Leo – Larissa Weems

Larissa Weems can’t be any other sign. She is 100% lioness.

Wednesday series characters and zodiac signs,

As the headmistress of Nevermore Academy, Larissa loves to be in charge of everything. She always makes sure everything runs smoothly. Truth be told, there is no one better than Leo for a position of authority and leadership like this. She keeps her eye on the school and is not afraid to make decisions or take action.

All Leos are very sure of themselves. Even when they are not. Larissa, on the other hand, has a strong presence, everyone looks at her when she arrives, carries herself naturally and is extremely passionate. Just like Leo.

Virgo — Bianca Barclay

Bianca is that villain that everyone loves. As it often happens to Virgo.

Wednesday series characters and zodiac signs,

Very distrustful and especially with strangers. Also, she is a perfectionist and hates to lose, just like Virgo. However, despite her cold appearance, she has a very powerful intuition and is very mystical. Bianca’s secrets are powerful and she has to keep them safe.

The queen bee of Nevermore, Bianca stands out for her practicality, her organization and the control she has over everything. One of the leaders of the student body, she has an iron fist. Also competitive, she needs to be the first in everything she does…