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Equinoccio de Otoño / Autumn Equinox

Autumn Equinox 2023: Libra’s Lingering Influence

Historically, the autumn equinox has stood as a moment of mysticism and contemplation. This cycle, with the Sun’s decisive position in Libra, underscores the imperative of achieving both emotional and spiritual stability. This unique astral alignment beckons us to delve deeper into our interpersonal ties and to fathom the overarching influence of the cosmos on our individual trajectories and holistic well-being.

Equinoccio de Otoño / Autumn Equinox

Autumnal Equinox: Amid the Duality of Light and Shadow

The autumn equinox, an astronomical event symbolizing balance and renewal. On this day, the Sun, positioned in Libra, draws a harmony between light and shadow, mirroring nature’s cycles and the perpetual ebb and flow of life. Throughout history, individuals have discerned meaning and ceremony in this distinct juncture.

Luna Nueva / New Moon

New Moon in Virgo: Reflection and Introspection

The New Moon in Virgo isn’t just a lunar phase; it’s a harbinger of change, a beacon of light showing the way to transformation. Despite feelings of stagnation, the universe is working to lead us away from the outdated. This phase encourages us to immerse ourselves in the present, adapt, and prepare for what lies ahead.

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