Cosmobiological Magic of the Lunar Cycle

Cosmobiological Magic of the Lunar Cycle,

Astrology and lunar cycles can change your life. Learn the secrets of spiritual alchemy and how the Sun and Moon influence your subconscious. Keep reading to discover creative visualization techniques that will take you to a new level of consciousness and personal success.

How to Practice Creative Visualization According to the Lunar Cycle

The phases of the Moon, which include New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon and Last Quarter, result from the orbital relationship between the Sun and the Moon. In the astrological realm, the Sun is associated with consciousness, while the Moon is related to the subconscious.

The human mind operates on two levels: conscious and subconscious. Consciousness allows us to be present and aware of our existence, as Descartes expressed: “I think, therefore I am.” In contrast, the subconscious stores memories and thoughts, functioning as a vast cosmic receptacle.

Our conscious thoughts permeate the subconscious, which later materializes these thoughts into reality. This process, generally involuntary, can result in both positive and negative manifestations. By managing these energies with full awareness, it is possible to perform acts of “magic” reinforced by the lunar cycle, a practice considered authentically cosmobiological.

Influence of the Chakras and Lunar Cycles

The Moon is associated with the sixth chakra, known as the third eye, which is linked to the pituitary gland. This chakra is the center of spiritual enlightenment. On the other hand, the Sun is associated with the seventh chakra, the pineal gland, responsible for our vitality and rest, considered our “power source.”

In alchemical terms, the Moon and the Sun are equated to silver and gold, respectively, the metals of the highest spiritual vibration. The current lunar cycle is particularly conducive to magical processes at these elevated levels of spiritual alchemy, especially with the New Moon in Cancer and Leo.

Creative Visualization and the Lunar Cycle

The process of creative visualization is crucial in this context. It begins in the Last Quarter before the New Moon in Cancer and culminates in the New Moon in Leo. During this cycle, creative visualization aligns with the lunar rhythm, harnessing the specific energies of each phase.

Key dates include:

  • June 28: Last Quarter before the New Moon in Cancer.
  • July 5: New Moon in Cancer.
  • July 13: First Quarter after the New Moon in Cancer.
  • July 21: Full Moon in Cancer (dedicated to meditation).
  • July 27: Last Quarter before the New Moon in Leo.
  • August 4: New Moon in Leo.

During these phases, it is recommended to practice visualization in a calm environment, focusing thoughts as if projecting them onto a screen. Once the thought is planted, it should be allowed to grow without interference, only reinforcing it in each lunar phase until the New Moon in Leo.

The Practice of Creative Visualization

To visualize effectively, it is essential to strengthen consciousness by practicing mindfulness in the present. This mental discipline allows for clear visualization and keeps the mind focused.

Visualizations should be repeated in each lunar phase to reinforce the planted energies. By the time of the New Moon in Leo, with the Sun at its most powerful point, the energies will be at their peak, facilitating the manifestation of visualized desires.

In conclusion, it is vital to recognize the influence of lunar cycles on our consciousness and subconscious. Practice the techniques mentioned here and observe how your desires manifest. Don’t wait any longer, make the universe work in your favor and transform your reality.

With information from Pedro González Silva