Religious beliefs and practices

The world of religions, beliefs and practices that have shaped humanity throughout history. From ancient philosophies to modern spiritualities, each tradition offers a unique perspective on the meaning of life and the universe. Sacred rituals, profound texts and centuries-old dogmas that have inspired generations. Connect with your spiritual roots or explore new paths of understanding, all in a space that is respectful and open to diversity of thought.

virgen de valle

Virgin of the Valley Venezuela

Miraculous Virgin, Patroness of the East and the Venezuelan Navy, Mother of Fishermen, Defender of the Neo-Spartans, every year, on September 8, the people of Margarita, the State of Nueva Esparta and the East of the national honor her.

Tu Beav

Tu BeAv: A Celebration of Love and Creation

The Jewish holiday of Tu BeAv is a milestone in the spiritual and cultural tradition of this town. Known as the celebration of love, Tu BeAv brings with it a special energy, destined to unite soul mates and awaken a deep light. This event occurs forty days before the date on which humanity is said to have begun its existence, becoming a mystical preamble to creation itself.

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